2023: Supporting Gov Umahi, the Duty Ebonyians Owe Him

By Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad

Governor Umahi has always stressed the need for an Igbo presidency come 2023. He showed the way by joining APC because he foresaw the hypocrisy of the PDP in taking a stand in the Igbo presidency agenda. The rumour that he joined the APC to contest for  presidency, drew the attention of President Mohammedu Buhari reminding Nigerians that, “nothing is wrong if he (Umahi) run for the president of this country in 2023?

The statement from Mr. president prophetically reflects the wishes of Ebonyians, Igbos, and Nigerians. What is wrong if President Buhari hands over to Governor Umahi on May 29th, 2023 as the next president of Nigeria? Prophetic statements that will stand are often made  inadvertently.

 Criticizing the statement from the president strengthens  and added value to the Igbo presidential quest, because every good thing coming one’s way, not criticized, may end up not realized. A similar thing trailed the emergence of Governor Umahi in 2015, but because God destined it, the obstacles on the way became stepping stones that made the journey realizable. 

Governor Umahi has played major roles in reconciling and uniting this country and he's the person Nigerians want to advance the good works of Mr. president in developing and keeping the country together as one indivisible entity. He is a man ready to sacrifice for the common good, based on that detractors call him names as serving the northern politicians. What’s wrong if he serves the north and breaks the jinks of an Igbo becoming the leader of the world’s most populous nation after many years of what seemed political isolation of the southeast, arising from flanker political leaning played by some Igbo politicians. After all, leadership is about service and Umahi’s antecedents speak of volumes of service. Let’s not lose sight of the very fact that biblical figure like, Moses served Pharaoh to liberate the Israelites.

There are signs that APC presidential ticket may eventually tilth to the southeast, and based on Governors Umahi’s performance in Ebonyi State, sacrifices for Igbos and Nigeria at large, there may be no option for the APC than to say to him, let’s send you because you won’t disappoint Nigerians and Nigeria.

People that view the immense sacrifices of Umahi to salvage the Igbos from flanker politics from the face value, need to have a rethink and join the voyage of his swelling support across Nigeria. Politically, Governor Umahi can’t be separated from APC, in which he is the leader in Ebonyi State. To smear him is to smear the party and  People who smear the party, calling it a Fulani party myopically drum support of Atiku, former VP who is also a Fulani. what’s the rationale behind  referring to APC as a Fulani party if the same people want a Fulani from the PDP as a president in 2023?

Those who engage in such baseless criticisms, do so by deliberately turning blind eyes to the good works the Governor has done and still doing in Ebonyi State, which has earned him local and international recognitions. Could it be that the  punches the governor gets, despite the all round   development in Ebonyi State, confirms that a prophet fails recognition in his homeland?
APC in Ebonyi State is a big happy family. The unity and happiness were achieved because of the leadership style of Governor Umahi, who through his insight ensured that the party's leadership in the state is infused with committed people.
Ebonyians should excuse their political differences and queue behind the David of our time. 

The constant bombardment of criticisms by the opposition in Ebonyi State contributes to sending signals that lead to exhaustion and cynicism many Igbos feel about Nigerian politics, which may harm the political front of the Igbos. We must work together as people and God will do the rest for us. If we miss it now, it may take another fifty years.

Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad is the
State Publicity Secretary, APC Ebonyi State.

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