Sen Kalu's Bill Seeking Amendment to Criminal Justice Act Scales Second Reading At Senate

Inorder To forestall the unjustful conviction of persons by our nation's judiciary, the Senate today approved for second reading a bill which I sponsored to amend the Administration of Criminal justice Act, 2015 and other related matters.

This Bill seeks to amend the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015,the Sections contradicting the principles of fair hearing and court jurisdiction as provided in the Constitution. This is to further avert some loggerheads between the administration of criminal justice Act and the constitution. 
We can recall the  bill passed first reading on 30th June,2020. It is also worthy of note that this would be the first time an attempt is made to amend the law since it became an Act in 2015.

I hope we can agree that, with this amendment, we aspire to create a criminal justice administration legislation that is both more effective and more humane. By “more effective,” I mean that we should respond to crime in ways that produce socially desirable results—greater safety, less fear, less suffering, greater respect for the rule of law and less injustice—and that we do so efficiently, investing our precious financial and human resources in ways that maximize the results we desire. 

By “more humane,” I mean we should respond to crime in ways that recognize the humanity of those victimized by crime, those arrested and convicted of crime, and others who experience the ripple effects of crime and our justice system. This affirmation of humanity, as I see it, incorporates values we hold dear in our democracy, such as equal protection of the laws, access to the rights guaranteed by our Constitution, and our fundamental belief in the dignity of the individual."

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