SA Solid Minerals Embarks On Community Road Grading

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Solid Minerals Hon. Ozoemena Njoku has embarked on the grading of some internal Community roads in Ugwulangwu.

Njoku, who is from the area said, the reason behind the grading was to compliment the efforts of the Governor who has has done so much for the people in the Area of road construction. He listed the roads he constructed in the area to include, co
abaomeoge - ukawu - ugwulangwu -Okposi road, Okposi - nwafor Afor - Aja - nkwo road still under construction by Governor and numerous roads constructed and graded by the council Chairman, princess Nkechinyere Iyioku.

The Special Assistant thanked Governor Umahi on whose shoulders he is grading the road, expressed optimism that the Governor will construct more sophisticated roads projects for Ugwulangwu Community before the end of his administration. 

He continue to support Governor David Umahi's administration even to clinch the number one Nigeria top job'president' come 2023.

He said, "by next year this road will be concrete road as well as other projects too. Our electricity has also been approved by His Excellency. May I thank your Excellency Chief Engr David Nweze Umahi for all his good works in Ebonyi state and pray God to make him president of Nigeria come 2023 in Jesus name Amen". 

The villagers who could not hide their joy, appreciated the SA for remembering his Community and prayed for God's blessings upon him and the Governor.

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