Gorry Face of Aba, Abia State

These heaps of refuse decorated Mosque by Ngwa road Aba (Beside Access bank) and blocked the road from Ndoki by Mosque all the way to Mosque by Ngwa road junction completely. 

It made life miserable for traders, motorists and customers of the bank, while also posing serious health hazzard to citizens  

For over four months, all calls to the government for the evacuation of the refuse fell on deaf ears, until about three days ago when it was cleared. 

Just today, I realized why the refuse was removed; the governor was coming on inspection tour around the area earlier today.

For those working with governor Ikpeazu, rendering eye and deceitful service to impress the governor is more important than discharging their duties the way they would meet the needs of mojority of the people.

If the governor understood the importance of good environment, if he believed that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and if he had the courage to establish a well organised system managed by environmental specialists, professional refuse managers and other experts, refuse management would not be left in the hands of touts who see the job as their own compensation for snatching ballot boxes and rigging election.

The general poor environment of Abia state, especially Aba, has helped immensely in puncturing the 2014/2015 lie that Ikpeazu performed wonders as the ASEPA GM in charge of Aba zone during his predecessor's tenure.

Like the saying goes; No matter how far falsehood travels, truth must catch up with it.

Time is ticking with speed and Abia is developing on a snail speed, so let's appeal to the managers of our resources (the government of Abia) to do what is right for the good of our people.

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