2023: My Decision to run for Igbo Presidency, a Response to Divine Call - Ohuabunwa

By Oswald Agwu

A Peoples Democratic Party Presidential hopeful, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa has said that his decision to join the race for Igbo Presidency, come 2023 was an obedience to Divine call to liberate the country.

Ohuabunwa, made the declaration in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital on Thursday, while in the  State to intimate his Party stakeholders of his ambition to run as Nigeria's president in 2023.

Ohuabunwa, Board  member of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria and the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, maintained that an Igbo President, come 2023, signifies God's answer to the yearnings of Nigerians for a positive change in the country.

He added that the country's deliverance from its myriads of social, economic and political problems resided in granting Igbo man the chance to govern Nigeria, declaring that 2023 was God's ordained year to actualize that.

The aspirant, hoping to actualize his dream through the platform of the New Nigeria Group (NNG), under the PDP, further maintained that present Nigeria's problems ranging from economic crunch to banditry, kidnapping, hunger, unemployment and disunity were caused  by bad leadership, to the extent that Nigeria has unfortunately, become the poverty headquarters of the World with 71 percent living below the poverty line.

He emphasized that the call for an Igbo President has gained both national and international significance so much so that even the stakeholders of the North have continued to express their support.

He stressed that his ambition was a positive response to a divine call to liberate the country through his core values of knowledge, industry, integrity, patriotism, justice, liberty and Godliness.

Ohuabunwa declared: "My brothers and sisters, God listens to prayers, and he listens more to the prayers of the innocent; he listens to prayers of the orphans, the widows; he listens to the innocent cries of those bloods that are being shed in our country.

"Because of that, God has decided to intervene in the affairs of our nation, and 2023 is the year that God wants to use to show that he has answered the prayers.

"I am here as part of that answered prayers that God has looked for a man he would use to redeem Nigeria from the forces of darkness and wickedness that has overtaken our land.

"And I am here to call you to join me in the task of redeeming our nation."

The Abia State - born politician pledged to strategically revamp the economy of the country through industrial revolution, economic diversification, and articulate harnessing of the diverse natural resources Nigeria is endowed with, and called on party members and Nigerians to support him.

"We have come so we can reformulate Nigeria, and make it truly a united nation.

"I have come to tell you that a new Nigeria is possible, but it takes us working for it.

"We need to change; we need to revolutionalize; we need to change our attitude to politics.

"We must seek to put the right people with the right pedigree in position of national leadership,and avoid imposition.

"I have been to other parts of the country, and people in the North are telling me that they are tired of their leaders; that they have had more leaders in national politics than any other part, and yet have nothing to show for it.

"They still have the worst poverty and worst healthcare.

"They want to try someone else, and thank God, the World is saying, let us give the Southeast the chance; Nigerians are saying, let us give Southeast the chance.

"This is our best chance; this is our best opportunity, and we must rise up spiritually.

"This is the best opportunity, and God has sanctioned it that come 2023, a man from Southeast, an Igbo man will be the occupant of Aso Villa.

"It may be me; it may be someone else, only God knows, but I feel that I have a call, and I have come here to introduce myself, to ask for your prayers and your support", he solicited.

In a response, the State PDP chairman, Tochukwu Okorie, said that Ohuabunwa has all it takes, intellectually and by experience, to stand in the contest, and applauded him for the visit and his expression of interest.

He however, maintained that the Party which remains the hope of Nigerians, would live up to its responsibility of giving everyone a level playground to actualize their talents and ambitions.

Okorie assured: "What you wish yourself is what we wish you.

"Our prayer is that God will be with you and create in the people a listening ear to eternalize all you have said.

" You have more than what it takes to be the president."

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