OPINION: Ebonyians Moves On, Leaving PDP Behind In Tatters

From Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad

The PDP as a political party was presented to Ebonyians and indeed the entire Southeast geopolitical zone with some sort of dogma that the party was the political alfa and omega for the people. As a result, the Igbo nation was immersed in the indoctrination that the party was a political sine-qua-non. It was like a religion; the belief of the Igbo people in the party assumed a god-like dimension with its umbrella symbol as a veritable insignia of mass deception. But the did had been done. The minds of our people had been tuned to the PDP almost irretrievably; so much so that we preferred voting for a non-Igbo presidential aspirant on the platform of the PDP, to voting for an Igbo man on the platform of another political party, including APGA which was founded by our nationalist patriarch, Dim. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. To prove the point, Ojukwu, the authentic leader of Biafra of blessed memory contested the presidency in 2003 against Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and lost. He also contested in 2007 against Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua and lost again. Why? Igbo electorate voted massively for the two presidential candidates at those election times because of the indoctrination that "it is PDP or never". Hence, Ojukwu did not win a single State in the Southeast.

As the deception continued, APGA in Anambra State went straight to the drawing board and re-strategized to at least take hold of Anambra State, the home  State of Ojukwu, the founder of the party. That re-strategization yielded the desired results around 2006 when APGA ousted the PDP from Anambra seat of power through a court judgement. It was then that the Igbo came to the realization that after all the PDP wasn't the political alfa and omega. APGA had broken jinx. The people of Anambra State moved on, leaving the PDP behind. But before the PDP could recover from the shock of the Anambra scenario, APC came from the defence line and captured Imo State from the PDP again. The people of Imo State had since moved on, leaving the PDP behind. As the party was wailing and lamenting its woes in Imo State, Governor Umahi took the PDP by storm and lightening in Ebonyi State and anchored at the center, showcasing the heart of a lion.

Of a truth, it was the Ebonyi scenario that shook the PDP vigorously even to its national foundation. The Ebonyi chapter of the same ruinous cabal of the party who had held the Igbo people of the Southeast backward for decades, while they selfishly benefited from the party alone gathered like vultures, intimidating and threatening the leader with the heart of a lion, using all of sorts useless methodologies of talking like; "Governor Umahi must regret his actions". "We must show him that we put him there". "We shall deal with him"; and other such gibberish. But Governor Umahi remained unruffled. The Governor had done what Napoleon could not do. That feat alone was more important to him than the words of lamentation  of the Ebonyi chapter of the PDP cabal. One year after, the  Ebonyi APC which the Ebonyi PDP felt would not stand the test of time in Ebonyi State has become the political rock of Gibraltar. Governor Umahi's reasons for leaving the PDP which inter-alia is the deliberate refusal of the party topnotch which includes their collaboratory cabal in the Southeast to zone the presidency to the Igbo of the Southeast too, have been severally vindicated with more and more Ebonyi people embracing the APC and the party leadership repositioning it to win elections at all levels thereby rendering the PDP a mere shadow of its former self. Obviously, Ebonyians have moved on, leaving the PDP behind in tatters.

Governor Umahi is set to rid the entire Southeast geopolitical zone of the remaining vestiges PDP colonialism in the zone and reposition the zone for liberation from the backwardness it has suffered for decades under the PDP despite producing three Presidents and ruling the country for 16 years. The Governor has started the liberation in Ebonyi State with massive infrastructural revolution and transformation that are talks of the world. Indeed, Governor Umahi is a leader imbued with dynamisms and wisdom. He deserves nothing short of a shot at the presidency as the 2023 elections approach.

Next Level!!
Next Level!!
Umahi is the Answer.

Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad is the
State Publicity Secretary APC, Ebonyi State

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