2023 General Election: Why Apc Stakeholders Must Queue With Umahi For Presidential Tickets -- Egu Richard

Ivo local government Akuabaraoha Youths Assembly member, Comrade Egu Richard who once served Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information as his Personal Assistant in short term was on a live interview with Ebonyi Times Newspaper reporter on Thursday, 4th of November 2021.

In the interview, Comrade Egu Richard responded to certain questions as regarding the coming 2023 General election, he highlighted many reasons why apc youths, stakeholders and members must project and queue with Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi, the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State for the APC presidential Ticket.

Below are the details of the interview with all justified details of Comrade Egu Richard

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"What or how did you see the chance of Engr. David getting APC ticket"?

In the build up to 2015 general election, nobody knows that President Buhari will emerge as the president of Nigeria for his consistency  in the presidential race from 2007 till 2015, but when your time comes and your wills are supported by God and divine grace to be the leader, nothing can stop it. This is just the situation of Chief David Umahi it is his right time to get the APC presidential Ticket and become the next president of Nigeria.

"Do you think the south Easterners will support Umahi"?

I will link this to the south, the south south have with all sense of belonging tested presidential position likewise the South West then it's time for this position to be rotated to the south east region.

Therefore, Chief David Umahi mandate is ordained and defined from God, because leadership is divine and when God say yes nothing can change it and no man can subdue such ambition.

Despite the fact that we have other persons from the south Eastern region that are in the race to be the next president of Nigeria in different political party which clearly depicts and shows that Southeast are ever ready and should be given such chance to prove their potential, we hope  that Apc win the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra state, which will be an added advantage to the party in the region as we currently have two (2) Governors in APC , even at that ,we all have equal collectivity for a South East person to become the next president of Nigeria , as we can see that the People Democratic Party PDP recently zoned their  presidential tickets to the south by the vitue of their convention, so we expect a candidate from south south or south east to get the PDP ticket.

Looking at that, APC as well will have a candidate from the south, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi without doubt but a clean mind have connected Ebonyi State to the center and all south easterners state have seen the wonders of Chief David Umahi, a man who change the narratives of Ebonyi State, turning the once recognised primitive state to lightening and economic hub arena then I am confident that he can also change the narratives of Nigeria and actually get us the Nigeria nation we are glamouring for.

The south Easterners no doubt will support their person if we can have a South Eastern candidate from Apc and also in the PDP, thats when we shall know that this is all about south east and from there the good people of Nigeria can now choose the right hand from someone who have been working as a leader for the interest of his  people, and the fact remains, before we can put anyone in a position we must have taken a wide range look of the person's antecedents.

You can't give leadership to any one have been disregarding Nigeria constitution especially those that got themselves indicted basing from fraudulent actions, embezzlement and siphon of public resources, misdirection developmental base. we only choose leadership based on past records and achievements not just anyone without any good records or solid Orientation about leadership.

"What is the relationship between Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi and the presidency as of today"?

President Buhari does not have preference to any of his Governors in the 36 states of Nigeria, he only works with those who aligned with the mandate and prototype of his administration mostly in his people interest, base on this, Chief David Nweze Umahi have connected Ebonyi state and aligned in terms of infrastructural development, economic development and giant strides as well as taking Ebonyi State to the real light of polity of the Nation and this is the major builder of the stronger relationship between Ebonyi State and the presidency because he have been following the pattern of the president Buhari led administration in developing Ebonyi State of today.

*As we are all aware that the Senate in few weeks back released that all political party primaries must be via direct primary, can Engr. David Umahi triumph with such primary type in Apc"?*

Direct primaries will be a new dimension in the party primaries, if implored in all political parties, it will give room to all political party members to have influence in the selection process not like the indirect that only give room for stakeholders alone in the selection processes, however chief David Nweze Umahi by his workaholic  adventures and voice in politics, he will have much APC members to give him presidential Ticket of the Party, he have won the heart of many to give him an edge in the party tickets race.

*"What did you expect from APC Stakeholders and card carrying Members as regards 2023 election"?*

I want to implore the apc stakeholders and members to pray and demand for presidential Ticket zoning to the South, we plead, seek and pray that this opportunity come to our region, if this presidential candidate emerge from south east then we have all eyes hope that the next president of Nigeria will come from the south east region.

*"Did you think Nigerians at Large can still support Apc in 2023 as regarding the current situation of things in the country"?*

One thing that I am definitely interested and sure of is that Nigerians at Large will support Apc come 2023, but with total regards we will not rest on our laurel, we can't presume that we have won the election, there is still much to do, take for instance, we have 217 apc in house of representatives and 64 senator and 22 Governors of Apc positions, so with the above statistics, there is tendency that APC have the chance to rule Nigeria again in 2023.

*"What's your address and advise for Apc Family in Nigeria as we geting closer to the general election year"?*

My candid advice to all apc members and party faithfuls is to shun  politics of columny and numberness in driving to occupy viable positions in Nigeria and as well advice to do away with crisis related issues and work in unity to move Nigeria to the Next level, collectively we can safely arrive the point of our dream, but if we are not in oneness and in solidarity movement it will be difficult to achieve our goals,we must be formidable and unbreakable for opposition, and all other political party must avoid politics of destruction of characters, smears and avoid defermatry informations aiming to deceive the gullible, we can criticize constructively because we don't have a complete leaders, critical criticisms is a great tool in addressing issue based.

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