Revealed; Why Gov Umahi Was Right To Say Igbo People Should Be Given Chance To Lead Come 2023

Ebonyi state Goveenor, Engr David Umahi on Friday, appealed to Nigerians to give Igbos the chance to lead the country come 2023. The governor noted this during a one day prayer summit organised by the office of the wife of the Governor.

One of the major reason governor Dave Umahi gave was that Igbo people have sacrificed a lot to the building of this nation and they deserve to be fairly treated.

Governor Dave Umahi was right to say Igbo people should be given a chance to lead because, they are part of the country and they have sacrificed a lot for the growth of the country.

Recall that during a visit to Imo state in September, president Muhammadu Buhari said Igbo people are in charge of Nigeria's economy. According to President Muhammadu Buhari, there is no town you would visit in the country where Igbo people are not in charge of the economy. 

This is to say that the region has contributed a lot to the growth of the Nation's economy and they deserve to be treated equally like other zones.

The major reason why there are numerous separatist groups in the South East today is due to the alleged marginalisation of the region. If Igbo people are given the opportunity to produce the next president of the country, most of these separatist groups will shield their swords and embrace peace.

Since Nigeria returned to democratic rule, the region has not produced a president. This is unfair and should not be allowed to continue. Other regions in the South have already produced a president, it will be unfair if the South East are not allowed to produce one.

Also, If we must be fair and true with ourselves, we will all agree that Igbo people should be allowed to rule. The forthcoming 2023 presidential election will provide an opportunity for an Igbo president to be elected.

Although it may not be an easy task, proper consultations and alignments can make it possible.

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