Ignore Precious Nwadike's Psychiatric Exuberance; Endorsement Of Isiguzo For Second Term Is Irrevocable - Imo NUJ

The Leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalists  (NUJ) Imo State Council has been inundated with calls over the display of psychiatric exuberance by one Precious Nwadike who has constantly embarassed the Imo NUJ and indeed well-meaning media icons in Imo State over his claims to be the chairman of a non-existent Catetaker Committee.

In his latest but usual naked dance in the market-place, the said Precious  Nwadike had in a mischievous release made a derogatory statement against the National President of the NUJ,  Comrade Deacon Chris Isiguzo.

The said Precious Nwadike does not merit any reply because he is a known psychiatric case but for the unsuspecting members of  public.
It is only appropriate that Precious Nwadike be judged by the public.

Precious Nwadike is an impostor whose claim to be the Chairman of the Imo NUJ is now clearly borneout of psychiatric exuberance. 

This mentally deranged person who should at best be pitied and his cohorts are currently being investigated by the Imo State Police command over their claim to be members of NUJ.
Just about two weeks ago, the leadership of Imo NUJ led by Chris Akaraonye issued a strong warning to the public and stopped a purported commissioning of the old press centre along Port Harcourt Road, Owerri.

But come to think of it, if Precious Nwadike is not a pitiable psychiatric case,  what on earth can make a member of the NUJ to vilify and insult a National President of an organisation that has chapters in the 36 states and FCT.
Comrade Deacon Chris Isiguzo was overwhelmingly elected by journalists who are NUJ members across the 36 states councils and FCT.

So  for a man like Precious Nwadike to write spurious things against the number one journalist in Nigeria, accussing him among other things of masterminding the sale of the old press centre/secretariat when the same Precious Nwadike claims to be the Chairman of Imo Council  (Chapter), speaks volumes about the state of mind of such a person.

The NUJ as a disciplined organisation has an organigram that runs from the national to the zones, state councils and the chapels. NUJ is having her 7th Triennial Delegates Conference at Umuahia Abia State where it will also elect her national officers to oversee the affairs of the union for the nexr three years.
Can Precious Nwadike and his cohorts tell the public which NUJ and national secretariat they report to?  For him and one other clown or unknown quantity to sign a release insulting the National President who visited Imo Council to address accredited delegates for the national conference is quite despicable. 

NUJ is a union of journalists who work for media owners and publishers from reporters to editors. We know that Precious Nwadike is at loggerheads with members of Orluzurumee Youths over the ownership the Watchdog Newspaper that is said to be his.
We want the public to jettison  and discountenance whatever trash and garbbage that emanates from Precious Nwadike and his likes as they are clear psychiatric cases.

Imo NUJ wishes to call on the family of Precious Nwadike to call him to orser or at best have him under chains because he is clearly showing signs of lack of normal human control and reasoning. 

The union is in touch with her lawyers for the next line of legal action against Precious Nwadike and his impersonating psychiatric morons.
Meanwhile the endorsement of the sitting NUJ President, Deacon Chris Isiguzo for Re-election by Imo council is irrevocable. 


Chris Akaraonye 

Juliet Dim 

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