2023 Presidency: Why Gov Umahi Is Best Candidate For The Job -- APC Spokesman

Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ebonyi State, Mr Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad, have again beared his mind on why the state Governor, David Umahi, stands out as the most suitable candidate for Nigeria number one top job, 'president' come 2023.

He said, "It has become very important as the Ebonyi State Publicity Secretary of the APC to make it abundantly clear that we cannot afford to sit in limbo like a bird while political alignments and realignments are ongoing on who should go for us to the presidency as the 2023 elections approach. Therefore, must have to project our own for the coveted highest office in the land for he is the best; Governor Umahi is always the best in all ramifications of and empirical proofs to this claim abound"!

"For the past six years and still counting, Governor Umahi had so amazingly steered the affairs of our dear State to the point that mannerisms and idiosyncrasies are steadily translating to tangible bequeathals as varying, but laudable perceptions of his administration is now commonplace in every lip, including the lips of our detractors".

"A recent reappraisal of the performances of the 36 state Governors in Nigeria, anchored by Opera News, rates our own dear Governor among the eight best performing Governors in Nigeria in the areas of infrastructure, agriculture and education; and Governor Umahi blazed the trail in the overall analytical assessment. And as we rolled out the drums in celebration of his six years in office, the Champion Newspaper conferred on our dear Governor the prestigious award of the best Governor in Nigeria in the area of infrastructure. It is based on this premise that it becomes germane to reel a review of Governor Umahi's performance so far in the past six eventful years of his action packed administration and deliver my verdict".

"To start with, the infrastructural accomplishments of our dear Governor, when juxtaposed with the revenue profile of Ebonyi State, stands the Governor shoulder high above his contemporaries as a leader with the Midas touch of the mythical King of ancient Phrygia; who turns anything he touches to gold".

"Based on the above standpoint, it is obvious that Governor Umahi towers above the 36 state serving Governors and past Governors in Nigerian leadership history. One may ask the secrets of Governor Umahi's feats? One is that the Governor espouses zero tolerance for corruption and in that light, he does not allow government officials free hand to fritter and cart away public resources. This also account for the anger of those who are not comfortable with his administration's rules of engagement as it concerns intolerance of corruption and state brigandage. Unfortunately, It is this uncommon virtue of the Governor that detractors see as the his shortcomings".

"However, even in the face of prudence and frugality, the Governor chose to distribute wealth wider by appointing the largest number of aides, that ran into thousands in the history of governance in Nigeria and enthroned so many women into governance thereby surpassing the 35% affirmative action of the epochal Beijing Declaration. That's Governor Umahi for you".

"Before Akubaraoha's advent in the governance of Ebonyi State, we were rated as the most primitive and backward State in the Southeast geopolitical zone and one of the most underdeveloped in Nigeria educationally, economically, infrastructurally and in fact in all facets. But today, it is a story of successes and great accomplishments as things have completely changed within the twinkle of an eye".

"At this juncture, it is imperative that I state some infrastructural and indeed other laudable accomplishments of our dear Governor. For the records, there are the concrete paved roads whose durability is incomparable anywhere in Nigeria, we have streetlights which have made the night look like day time in our dear State, there are the exquisite flyovers all over the State, the water fountains add to the aesthetics which our state capital is now known for, there is also the exquisite Christian Ecumenical Centre which bears semblance of paradise and bliss, beside it is the magnificent shopping mall which is rated among the best in the world and adjudged as the microcosm of the Dubai mall, what of the Magreth Umahi I'm International Market; our own economic and commercial hub? I'm not also forgetting the ultramodern International Airport, the awesome olympic stadium that is ongoing despite refurbishing the Abakaliki township stadium. Let me not also forget the best ivory tower in the continent of Africa; the beautiful King David University of Medical Sciences, need I mention the new Governor's Lodge and the new Government House at the Centenary City, Abakaliki? Indeed, Governor Umahi has no rival in the race to the presidency and ensuring that he clinches the 2023 presidential ticket is a task that must be done".

"On other sectors that have bearing on the good lives of Ebonyians, Governor Umahi has performed wonders. For instance, the healthcare institutions have the most improved facilities and agriculture witnesses aggressive revolution in our dear State as farmers receive government assistance to improve agriculture annually. Under Governor Umahi's watch, human empowerment has taken an all time high dimension as countless Ebonyians, including civil servants have been empowered through grants and soft loans. Education too has witnessed tremendous improvements such that Ebonyi State now makes top ten in national examinations regularly nationwide. What else needs to be done that Governor Umahi has not done"?

"Despite the lean federal allocation and internally generated revenue accruable, Governor Umahi has accomplished amazing feats. One remarkable thing about the Governor's leadership style is that he doesn't believe in "abandoned projects"; it is for this reason that he is also ensuring that all the projects not completed by his predecessor, Chief Martin Elechi, were also completed before he leaves office in 2023".

"The greatest of Governor Umahi's achievements is that he has not plunged Ebonyi State into a debt burden. Ebonyi State as at today has one of the least debt burdens in Nigeria according to figures released recently by Debt Management Office(DMO). This is verifiable".

"Conclusively, giving the unbeatable records of Governor Umahi's outstanding and astounding achievements, Nigerians need to give him the opportunity to prove his mettle at the presidency as we present him to Nigerians for president, come 2023".

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