2023; Nigeria Need a Leader With Proven Accomplishment Like Gov. Umahi -- APC Pub Sec

Needless to say that the change of leadership baton in Nigeria democratic organogram in 2015 so amazingly blessed the good people of Ebonyi State with the gift of a pathfinder, a torchbearer, a trailblazer and a transformation guru par excellence, His Excellency, Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi, Fnse, Fnate, the Governor of Ebonyi State. 

Governor Umahi's six years transformation of Ebonyi State is every visitor's delight. The clean and beautiful scenery which Abakaliki capital city has become since Governor Umahi began his Midas touch has given a prestigious boost to Ebonyians all over the world. The infrastructural wonders of Governor Umahi represent part of his humongous accomplishments as the greater accomplishments are his connection and interaction with political actors at the centre.

Today, Ebonyi State is highly respected in the Committee of States in Nigeria because our dear Governor has taken the State to the apogee of national respectability by extraordinary politics of the mainstream. As it stands, Governor Umahi has become part of the nucleus of the decision making personalities in Nigeria. Just recently the Governor was in audience with the President of the country, President Mohammadu Buhari, GCFR at Aso Rock Villa on the development of the Southeast geopolitical zone. Governor Umahi's good intentions are not restricted to Ebonyi State, he has the entire Igboland/South East at heart. When he defected to the APC on November, 2020, Governor Umahi cited the marginalization of the Igbo race from contesting the presidency on the platform of the PDP as his primary reason. No past Chairman of Southeast Governors' Forum since 1999 had shown such love for the Igbo nation. Therefore, Governor Umahi could be best described as an Igbo nationalist.

On the clamour for a Nigerian President of South East extraction, Governor Umahi is also at the forefront of the agitation for the enthronment of a Nigerian President of South East extraction, come 2023 and  Igbo elites are queueing up and keying in to the project. His defection to the APC has equally triggered so many defections of former PDP political actors and other opposition members to the APC across the country to the point that political pundits are wondering whether it is magic. Beyond this perceived magic, it is worthy to mention that  Governor Umahi has recorded great accomplishments that have endeared him to people in the length and breadth of Nigeria; so much so that when his name is mentioned in public forums, roof-raising ovations follow. Of a truth, everywhere Governor Umahi goes he becomes practically a cynosure of all eyes; everyone wants to catch a glimpse of this stellar performer and courageous leader. It is  not for nothing that Mr. Femi Adesina describes Governor Umahi as; a man with the heart of a lion. In Imo State, where Mr. President is on one day State visit to commission projects executed by Governor Hope Uzodimma, Governor Umahi is seen, leading other Southeast Governors at the fronts in their sartorial "isi agu" traditional attire and occasionally conferring with the President, who dons the same attire in tete-a-tetes. This shows leadership capacity. Ebonyi State which had been on relegation in everything before Governor Umahi came onboard, has never had it so good.

What Nigeria needs now is a leader with great and proven accomplishments as Governor Umahi to stare the ship of the Nigerian State from the storms and captain it on a serene voyage as a highly detribalized Nigerian. As we await the general elections of 2023, it is our conviction that the presidential pendulum shall beckon on Governor Umahi to make himself avail for the coveted position and break the age-long jinx of marginalization of the Igbo race in Nigeria.

Umahi is the Answer.
Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad is the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Ebonyi State.

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