Property owners demanded for recertification to curb land disputes - Ebonyi govt

The Special Assistant to the Governor of Ebonyi State on Lands and Survey, Chief Emmanuel Igwe, said that the property owners themselves demanded for recertification as a means of curbing incessant disputes arising from illegal deals on land matters in the state.

Igwe made this known in a press statement which was forwarded to the NATIONAL PANEL during the weekend.

The Special Assistant was making a clarification on allegation levelled against the state government by a group identified as Ebonyi Advocacy for Human Rights Initiative.

Hear him: "My attention has been drawn to a press release issued by one faceless group under the aegies of Ebonyi Advocacy for Human Rights Initiative whereby the group alleges plan by Ebonyi State Government to dispossess Abakaliki residents and non indigines of their properties as  false and the last kick of a dying of horse of  the so called convener of the group, Mr Abia Onyike who tries to appeal to Ebonyi electorate using subterranean tendencies having been rejected by his immediate constituency because of his unpopular dispositions to issues.

"Onyike's foul utterances does not deserve response but for the benefit of the gullible public who may  take the verbal venon of Onyike serious without first deciphering the issue at stake.
In this regard I wish to state as follows:

"That the aim of the recertification of C of OS and other title documents was the result of the outcome of audits on land documents in Ebonyi State where several people parades  all kinds of documents and conflicting claims to properties.Hence the need for recertification to sanitize land administration in the state.

"That unknown to Abia Onyike and his amorphous group that Ebonyi property owners are the ones  that actually demanded for recertification to authenticate the validity of the various claims.

"That the office of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Lands and Survey had on two different occasions in an  audience participating program in our various communication channels, radio , television and social media channels engaged Ebonyi residents on the anomalies discovered in land administration in the state whereby the property owners themselves demanded for recertification as a means of curbing incessant disputes arising from lllegal deals on land matters.A typical example is the issue of the Aguogboriga layout where two different families of Ezza North and Onicha local government areas  parcelated and sold government  7 .4 hectares of  land to their various preys and both side parade various documents from questionable sources.

"That no responsible government will sit down and watch her citizens engage in an unnecessary struggle for lands 

"Without ekeing out a solution that Ebonyi State Government has no intention to confiscate peoples land as erroneously alleged by  the political prostitutes.

"That leaders of the state and the general  irrespective of political leaning 
will be the greatest beneficiary of this exercise.

"That the mess in land administration got to a level that a former governor is even in Court over a property in a government layout because of documents from questionable sources hence the need for  recertification.

"That the general public should ignore the verbal venon of the likes of Onyike and carry on with the ongoing exercise.

"That Ebonyi state government is happy with the enthusiasm and the general acceptance of the program by Ebonyi residents."

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