OPINION; If Not Stanley Okoro Emegha, Who Else? Where Experience Meets A Hand Gifted With Effective Leadership

From Comrade Ugonna Utulor

As the All Progressives Congress prepares for state congresses slated for Saturday, 2nd October, 2021, all manner of party members have indicated interest to be the party's chairman in Ebonyi State. 

We can't say with certainty if any of them is a vulture, a hawk or a raven but we do know that one amongst them is an eagle.

Stanley Okoro Emegha, immediate past Ebonyi State commissioner for Internal Security, Border Peace and Conflict Resolution and current caretaker chairman of the APC in Ebonyi State is an eagle, imminently qualified for the job.

Emegha has a track record of excellence, of effective leadership and selfless leadership. In his previous position as Ebonyi State Commissioner for Internal Security, Border Peace and Conflict Resolution, he ushered in peace where peace was categorically stated to be impossible to achieve, and restored sanity to Ebonyi state. 

Under him, crimes and criminals were routed out, armed robbery became a thing of the past, cultism was fought with tooth and nail, and was summarily nailed on the cross of ignominy, buried in a casket whose lock was thrown into the deep blue sea.

As party caretaker chairman he brought in peace and unity, conducted successful ward and council congresses and united all factions of the party. His gift of effective leadership manifested itself in his handling of internal squables and how he quickly transformed the party into the party of choice for all Ebonyians.

With Emegha elected as party executive chairman, our great party is guaranteed victory come 2023. His stellar reputation as a unifier par excellence and a leader imbued with the skills to get things done will make our party virile and unbeatable. 

There's simply no better choice than Stanley Okoro Emegha. He should be our  consensus candidate.

Comrade Ugonna Utulor writes from Ikwo Noyo.

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