Nigeria’s Foreign Minister, Onyeama, Accused Of Treason, Sabotage --Documents Revealed

Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s foreign minister, has been accused of treason and sabotaging Nigerians in the diaspora by a former Ambassador to Namibia, Lilian Onoh — in a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former Ambassador accused Onyeama of treason and sabotage, a serious accusation that must be investigated, especially because the Ambassador didn’t write anonymously but also gave evidence of Onyeama’s actions which she experienced while representing Nigeria in Namibia.
The petition, as seen by Information Nigeria, cited many occasions that Onyeama actually colluded with foreign authorities to oppress and mistreat Nigerians in diaspora, including the rounding up of Nigerians and Africans in China during the early days of Covid-19, when Onyeama gave the Chinese government’s viewpoint to justify the detention of Nigerians and Africans in China.
The former Ambassador to Namibia also alleged that Onyeama sabotaged her efforts to protect Nigerians in Namibia from xenophobic Namibian security agencies and even colluded with the Namibian foreign secretary to ensure that Nigerians in Namibia were rounded up and deported without reason.

In a damning indictment, Onoh alleged that Onyeama sent his own accountant to Namibia to loot the Embassy’s coffers on his behalf, and went far as to protect a Namibian lady known as Miss Signorita who stole thousands of Dollars from the Embassy because the lady may have been stealing on his behalf.
The former Ambassador also alleged that Onyeama regularly sabotaged efforts by diplomats to protect Nigerians in the diaspora. She alleged that the demolition of the Embassy’s property in Ghana was because of this pattern of behaviour from Onyeama.

She further alleged that the consulate in Atlanta was defrauding Nigerians with his protection and gave evidence

Her letter is republished below;

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