Group Faults PDP's 2023 Blanket Zoning; Says, Party Threading On Path of Public Rejection

The Ebonyi Equity Foundation, a socio-cultural, non-Governmental and apolitical Organization with its Head Office in Abakaliki the Ebonyi State Capital has observed with suspicions the recent event in the Ebonyi State Chapter of one of the major Political Parties in Nigeria’s Democracy, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.
Couple of days ago, we saw in the Social Media a release purportedly authored by the leadership of the PDP in the State which announced that the Party has zoned its Governorship position ahead of 2023 to Ebonyi North and Central Senatorial Zones.

Since then, this announcement has continued to dominate public discourse, unfortunately, drawing fretfulness rather than acclamation from both the non-political and political circles.

From a non-political point of view, the Ebonyi Equity Foundation particularly is bothered that the arrangement is targeted to pitch the Ebonyi North Senatorial Zone on a collision course with their brothers of Ebonyi Central Senatorial Zone. 

Ebonyi State before now is known to function on an unwritten but binding charter of equity which has the understanding that the Governorship position should continue to rotate between the North, Central and South Senatorial Zones.

Going by the above, the latest arrangement by the PDP has completely negated the existing charter of equity as it has never been the culture of our dear State to micro-zone Governorship position to blocs, more especially when it is glaringly the turn of Ebonyi North particularly the Izhi Clan to take a shot on the Governorship Position based on the equity arrangement.
The implication of this is that the PDP has practically shot itself on the foot if it fails to as a matter of urgency retrace its steps and do the needful before the opposition capitalizes on it to outwit them going into the next dispensation.
This is because as preachers and believers in equity, Ebonyians would not hesitate to ditch any political party that besmirches its age-long history and tradition just for a plate of porridge going into 2023.
A stitch in time saves nine. 

Dr. Sunday Eze-Ebonyi North,

Ambassador Awuregu Nweke-Ebonyi Central,

Architect Nkama Idam-Ebonyi-South.

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