Gov Umahi's Excellence Resonates In Stanley Okoro Emegha's Strides As A Party Administrator - Ogbuatu

As the 2nd October state Congress of the All Progressives Congress APC, holds in all the states of the federation. The Ebonyi state publicity of the party, Mr Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad has linked the leadership excellence of the caretaker chairman of the party in the state, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha as he sets contest for the Chairmanship of the party, to the leadership ingenuity of the leader of the party in the state, Goveenor David Nweze Umahi, whom he decribed as renowned party administrator.
Here him;
"Our able party leader and capacity Governor, Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi, Fnse, Fnate certainly knows whom the cap fits and where to deploy such a person for optimum performance and productivity. If you call him a seer, you won't be wrong. Call him a Nostradamus, you will be right. Call him a prophet of positivism, you won't be disputed. Governor Umahi obviously lives ahead of his generation.

"As a leader who meticulously studies every of his lieutenants, Governor Umahi had detected the administrative, diplomatic and public relations genius in Chief Okoro-Emegha way back as his Commissioner for Internal Security. Hence, those discerned abilities were channeled to party administration as the State Caretaker Chairman of APC, Ebonyi State; a political party that was factionalized, disunited and lacking every indices of party cohesion. But in less than one year of Chief Okoro-Emegha's Chairmanship of the party and with the support of the party leader, our dear Governor, who is also a consummate party technocrat, the fragmented APC which Okoro-Emegha met, have been woven into a one stronger and united whole, capable of dislodging the age-long tenacity of the now opposition PDP in the State and formidably repositioned the APC to win elections at all levels in the State. 

"In his reconciliatory expeditions and in one fell swoop, Okoro-Emegha held the olive branch and paid individual visits to all the aggrieved persons of the party and with his hi-tech diplomacy, he was able to reconcile all of them into one indivisible Progressive Family that is appreciated by the party Stakeholders and other party faithfuls; and admired even by the opposition. More so, it is under Okoro-Emegha's administration of the APC that Ebonyi State is adjudged the number one APC State in Nigeria. His administrative ingenuity has won for him a locus classicus in party administration and he is not bragging about it as a mark of a modest administrator.

"On the Congresses of the party, Chief Okoro-Emegha deserves a pat on the back. While the opposition PDP and it's collaboratory purveyors of fake news were spewing gibberish on social media that the ward congress list of our party leader, Governor Umahi was "rejected" by the national leadership of our great party, Okoro-Emegha was being celebrated in Abuja by the National Working Committee of our great party for a job well down because the ward congresses of our dear State reflected equity, fairness, transparency, credibility and was affirmed in tandem with the party guidelines. In his words, an elated Chief Okoro-Emegha proudly announced to party elders, Stakeholders and other party faithfuls that at Abuja, Ebonyi State was the only State its ward congress list of party Excos was found impeccable. It takes an administrator of extraordinary deft to accomplish such amazing feats, considering the state of the party in Ebonyi State before his advent.

"Again, the just concluded Local Government Congresses is a replication of the excellence of the ward congresses as the exercise in the 13 LGAs  was not only free, fair, credible and transparent; but also free from fear. This is a rarity in party elections as crisis greeted such exercise in the past.

"What of his administrative mannerisms as it concerns inclusiveness and accommodation, Okoro-Emegha is a party Chairman that carries every one along in his administration. This explains why he has been having a smooth ride and achieving impressive results.

"As we await the State Congresses, it is our sincere belief that Chief Okoro-Emegha will maintain this same excellence recorded at the grassroot so that when we go to Abuja for the national convention, we walk tall and hold our heads high.

"More importantly too, it is worthy of note that in all these, we wholeheartedly thank our dear Governor for the gift of Chief Okoro-Emegha as the State Caretaker Chairman of our great party. May God bless Your Excellency and grant you more wisdom to discover more talented Ebonyians who can move our great party forward after us and take our dear State to greater heights. Kudos".

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