Testimonies abound at God of Vengeance Healing Catholic Ministry

Bro. Lious Ominyi, the founder of God of Vengeance Healing Catholic Ministry.

Visiting the God of Vengeance Healing Ground at Ikelegu Ndieze Inyimagu in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State will surprise you over the testimonies given by the encounters. The Ministry where madness and other sicknesses are cured without delay.

Testifiers including Slyvester Mbam Aduga, Uchenna Godwill, Nwoga Anuli, Mgbogo Pepertual, Nkwegu Jeremiah, Nwovu Esther  who spoke with our reporters on Sunday gave different testimonies of instant healings from different sickness, many among them were suffering madness and poison.

Speaking with the founder, Bro Louis Ominyi said he received the call when he was twelve years though his father and his namesake were herbalists.

But in the year 2013, he fully began the ministry in a godly way and many people who had encountered with him, have been giving different kinds of testimonies.

He noted that his call does not stop him from being a member of Catholic Church family.

"I have a gift of seeing what will happen and what will not happen. I use herbs and roots to heal people. My work is by  inheritance because my father and my namesake were herbalists. But when I was 12years I had a divine call.  It's not by my power, God uses me to heal madness, poison, infertility, and many other sicknesses, " he said. 

For enquiry, you can contact Bro. Louis Ominyi at Ikelegu village in Ndeze community in Izzi LGA of Ebonyi State. Telephone - 08024965091 or 08067702939.

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