PDP release against Umahi, a gamut of arrant nonsense - APC Spokesman


Ebonyi Spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr Chidi Simbad Ogbuatu  has described as a gamut of arrant nonsense, the release credited to the stakeholders of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) indicting the administration of Governor David Nweze Umahi and as well the leadership of the ruling party in the state.

Ogbuatu on Monday gave the hint while addressing Journalists in Abakaliki, the State Capital.

He cited a recent press briefing by the PDP Stakeholders titled, "Political Intolerance, Proliferation of Arms and General Insecurity in Ebonyi State: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine" and therefore, dismissed the press release; maintaining that it is "a gamut of arrant nonsense."

He further described the actions by the PDP Stakeholders in the state since the Governor Umahi dumped the PDP for the ruling APC, as childish and opprobrious.

Ogbuatu said, though his office had replied to what he termed gibberish concocted by the so-called Ebonyi PDP stakeholders to mislead the general public and blackmail the government in power, "it is still very important to let them know that their incessant cries like a baby will never make Governor Umahi return to the PDP."

He added: "So, what they are engaged in is an exercise in futility. Instead of them to be dissipating energy all the time on what doesn't add value to their rickety party, crying and wailing because Governor Umahi left their party, they should channel same energy to rebuilding their party which has been in tatters since Governor Umahi left it with his mass of supporters."

Ogbuatu berated Senator Sam Egwu and Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, the two Ebonyi PDP big wigs, and described them as men whose hands were allegedly drenched in innocent blood of the state youths who lost their lives while fighting their war of supremacy when Senator Egwu was the State Governor and Senator Anyim was President of the Nigerian Senate. 

He noted that: "Ebonyi State was factionalised between "Abuja Group" politicians shamelessly led by Senator Anyim and the "Ebonyi Group" politicians shamelessly led by Governor Egwu and many souls were lost, including that of graduates and undergraduates whom they supposed to empower as their leaders thereby making themselves inescapable candidates of nemesis."

Mr. Ogbuatu said that, "at the old age of Senator Egwu and Anyim, they ought to see themselves as elder statesmen whose primary duty is to preach love, peace and unity in Ebonyi State, but unfortunately they append their names on press releases and other worthless write-ups that incite hate, acrimony, antagonism and disunity in Ebonyi State.

"Time comes in the life of men when they must realise that they have come of age and should engage in acts that will earn them the mercy and grace of God, considering their putrid antecedents, but in the case of Anyim and Egwu; men who are very much close to their 70s, what they do is to fan the flames of animosity and disaster just to destroy their own State simply because Governor Umahi who will not remain Ebonyi Governor forever, defected to the APC."

The Ebonyi State APC Publicity Secretary, who was visibly livid with the way those politicians still left in the PDP, noted that the "remnants of the house of Saul" have mentioned the name of Governor Umahi several times in the social media in a negative light.

He asked to move on with their PDP activities as a party since in his words,  "Governor Umahi has since moved on with his APC and as such, they should stop  harping on the governor's name every now and then with their gratuitous insults.

"Why are they always mentioning our governor's name every time in the social media? One wonders whether they don't have other things to do. Those of them in the National Assembly have totally abandoned their constituencies and constituents; all they do now is writing falsehood on Facebook through their media aides and talking rubbish about Governor Umahi all the time to the point that people are asking whether these writers and talkers are aware that they are only venting their frustration?"

He countered the PDP Stakeholders' claim that they made Umahi the Governor of Ebonyi State in 2015, saying it is as an irony. 

"It is ironical and ridiculous that these people who had almost become ghosts of their former selves, having left power for several years and totally broke inspite of their second address are the ones who are now claiming that they made the Governor. With what did they make the Governor? In 2015 what did they have to make someone a Governor? Now, let's put the records straight; Governor Umahi was a sitting Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State when he contested the governorship election in 2015 and has enormous goodwills across the country.

"These people who are now boasting had nothing. He brought them back to power at the National Assembly with his own hard-earned money and popularity; and replicated the same feat for them in 2019.

"Let it also be on record that Anyim as SGF in 2015 only recommended for the Governor a place to obtain loans at cut throat Shylock interests. That was his own contribution to a fellow party member at the time and a fellow Ebonyi Southerner who had his party gubernatorial ticket. So, when these people come up with the falsehood that they made Umahi Governor, we just laugh at their childishness and stupidity,"  Ogbuatu concluded. 

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