Ojiji Izhi 2021: Ishi-uke fixes date, gives deadline for selling old yams in Izhi land including Abakaliki Capital City


The Traditional Prime Minister (Ishi-uke), Izhi Nnodo Ekumaenyi Clan in Ebonyi State, HRH Eze Mbam Ngele has fixed date for his people's new yam festival normally called Ojiji Izhi for the year 2021.

The Prime Minister has announced that the new yam festival for this year would hold on Iboko/Onuvu day, the Thursday 19th August, 2021.

Eze Mbam said the announcement is in accordance with the tradition of Izhi people as they have sighted the new moon on Saturday 7th August, 2021.

NATIONAL PANEL learnt that Izhi people  in Ebonyi State, covers three local government areas of Abakaliki, Ebonyi and Izzi, with their extension in some other council areas in the state, and borders across the nearby states of Cross River, Benue and others.

It was also gathered that in line with the tradition and culture of Izhi people, it is expected that no new yam should be seen anywhere across the clan until Saturday 14th August, 2021 being Iboko/Onuvu day and five days before the clan will  dedicate their annual harvest in thanksgiving and appreciation to their forefathers and God in Heaven.

The sister clans living in Izhi land, especially those in the capital of the State, Abakaliki - which is the epicenter of Izhi Nation where their ancestral home, Amnegu is located, were advised by the Prime Minister to ensure they do not bring in any new yam in any part of Izhi land until their new yam festival being celebrated.

The Traditional Prime Minister thus, prayed for God's blessings and bumper harvest for Izhi Nation, urging  them to remain peaceful, accommodative and trust worthy, the traits the people are known for worldwide.


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