Fulfilling life, 109yr old Professor shares secret of his longevity, excellent health


Age is no hindrance for a fulfiling life! A 109-year-old professor shared the secret of his longevity and excellent health.

The famous German cardiologist, inventor, professor, as well as the owner of many Germany awards, Dr. Thomas D. Walker retired at the age of 70. But his body and mental state are far from those of a usual retiree. For 39 years now Dr. Walker has enjoyed his pension. Currently, the professor is 109 years old, but he looks and feels like he's only 60.

Dr. Walker claims that the key to longevity lies in the blood vessels. If they are clean and healthy, then you can easily live 110 years or more, while feeling completely healthy. And he is living proof of these words. 

Our correspondent managed to interview this supercentarian. Dr. Walker described in detail his method of cleaning the blood vessels and prolonging his life.

The Prime Minister himself congratulated Dr. Walker on his 109th birthday. A photo from Dr Walker's place of work. 

- Dr. Walker, you have repeatedly stated that clean blood vessels are the key to health. How come?

It's simple. The work of all internal organs and systems depends on the quality of the blood supply. After all, what does the blood do? It delivers oxygen and nutrients to the internal organs and "in return" gets carbon dioxide and metabolic products. While we're still young our vessels are also young, elastic, clean - all the organs, therefore, get as much nutrition as they need. However, with age, we begin to move less and less and our vessels start getting dirty and clogged up.  This is due to various factors - not just harmful ones (like smoking, poor nutrition, the ecology or a sedentary lifestyle), but also factors that are natural (lipid deposition, for example, which occurs in all human bodies).

And what are contaminated vessels? Imagine pipes filled with rust. What does this all lead to? The water pressure rises, and the water itself acquires a foul taste. The same thing happens with the vessels. When cholesterol or other substances are deposited on them, the pressure rises (dirty blood vessels are the main cause of hypertension!), the bloodstream becomes corrupted by substances that shouldn't be in it, and all that leads to improper blood supply. As a result, all the body's organs and systems, the ones that make us what we are, become damaged. After all, even the skin is one of those systems. 

As a result, a person begins to age. If you periodically clean the vessels, then you can live even to 110 years. And at the same time you'll avoid any problems with the body - all the organs will work as intended and that includes the brain. In other words,  by cleaning blood vessels you can significantly extend your life and build up your health. And this isn't just in theory. When I was a practicing medic, I recommended this method to all my patients and I still use it myself to this day. Everyone who heeded my advice have long outlived their peers.

This is how the blood vessels gradually become contaminated. If you are over 40 and have never cleaned them, then your vessels are in serious need of cleansing. Otherwise, soon it will start to affect your health, if it hasn't already. 

To what health issues in particular do clogged vessels lead to?

As I already mentioned, the whole body suffers. But, of course, the organs and systems that are directly connected with blood circulation and the cardiovascular system itself are the most susceptible to damage.

Vascular contamination leads to such diseases as:

Atherosclerotic vascular disease

The vessels cease to function completely: small vessels are clogged completely, and large deposits of cholesterol prevent proper blood flow in larger ones.

Coronary heart disease
It occurs due to a constant deficiency of blood in the coronary vessels, which, in turn, develops because of vascular contamination.


Following constant insufficient the blood supply to the brain tissues, nerve endings begin to die, which leads to the loss of some brain functions.


Since the blood vessels become more narrow as a result of clogging, the blood pressure increases.

Venous and arterial thrombosis

Prolonged contamination can lead to a thrombus forming in the vessel, which leads to the complete death of that vessel, which, in turn, can lead to the death of individual cells in a certain organ that was receiving blood from said vessel. If a blood clot breaks off and enters the bloodstream, it can lead to a blockage of blood vessels in the heart - and this is a guaranteed heart attack, which ends in death in 70% of cases.


It occurs not only on the legs (which is every woman's nightmare), but also inside the body. Hemorrhoids are one of the consequences of varicose veins.

And this happens everywhere! 5 times more people die from cardiovascular diseases than from all other causes combined. Doctors know about this, they know that it is necessary to clean the blood vessels, but for some reason no such practice exists in our medical service. Many doctors prescribe their patients pills to reduce blood pressure to help with their hypertension. But these methods aren't a cure, it's just a temporary effect. While you need to genuinely clean the blood vessels. By the way, in Israel people over 35-40 years have been doing this for more than half a century. Over there, everyone understands the need to cleanse your blood vessels. Why don't we? You tell me.

- Are there any symptoms that are signs of clogged vessels?

Yes of course. The main symptoms include:

Memory impairment;
High blood pressure;
Intimate problems;
Chronic fatigue;
Deterioration of eyesight and hearing;
Pale leg skin;
Muscle and joint pain.
Shortness of breath and angina;

However, even if you are not experiencing these symptoms, cleaning the blood vessels is still a must at least once every 4 years for people over 30. In this case your health will be sound as a bell.

Actually, blood vessels get clogged fairly quickly, especially this is true for the elderly. You don't need to chow down on burgers and fries each die for that to happen. A couple scrambled eggs and a sausage for breakfast are enough for some amount of cholesterol to be deposited in the vessels. Over time, the clogging builds up.

- Could you share your secret for cleaning blood vessels?

Until recently, the process of cleaning my blood vessels took me several months. I collected the herbs myself, looked for them in the market or ordered them online, and then prepared decoctions from them. Now, I no longer do that because recently my colleagues from the Oxford Research Institute of Cardiology have created a very efficient and inexpensive drug for cleaning blood vessels. It is called Normatone. Technically, it is intended to normalise blood pressure and treat hypertension, but this normalisation occurs as a result of cleaning the vessels. Therefore, for our purposes, it fits perfectly.
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Normatone is a very good remedy that allows you to cleanse even heavily contaminated vessels in 1-2 weeks of regular use.

I also want to note that this drug does not contain any artificial elements, only highly concentrated extracts of plants used to cleanse blood vessels, so it is not only not harmful to the body, but quite the opposite.

Some of my old patients sometimes reach out to me out of force of habit. Often, it's to clean their blood vessels. But recently I've just been telling them about this incredibly efficient drug.

On the website of the Research Institute of Cardiology you can find official statistics regarding cleaning blood vessels, which was obtained from the results of clinical studies. In total, the study involved about 2000 participants. All of them underwent a Normatone course.

Study results:

Normalization of blood pressure levels within 1-2 days of taking the drug - 99% of participants
Heart rate normalization following the course - 97% of participants
Blood vessels completely cleansed of cholesterol following the course - 99% of participants
More effective treatment of chronic diseases - 99% of participants
Improved overall health - 100% of participants
No side effects from taking the drug - 100% of participants

- How much does Normatone cost, and where can you buy it?

You can probably tell that I'm a senior citizen. And many of the drugs I need are quite expensive. So I wouldn't recommend an expensive remedy.

The drug is the main focus of the government-funded hypertension program. Anyone can purchase this drug under this program for a reasonable price.

Read more about how to get Normatone and have it delivered to anywhere in the country

To obtain Normatone, you must:

Fill out the form on the this website.
After that an operator will contact you to clarify the shipping details.
After 2-7 days (delivery time), you will need to come by your local post office and receive the package with Normatone.
To keep your vessels clean I recommend undergoing the treatment course once every 1-2 years. This is especially important for the elderly. Doing so will greatly improve your health and delay the onset of old age. After all, clean blood vessels are a guarantee of health.

- Thank you very much, Dr Walker, for such a detailed interview

Already after the interview in a casual chat Thomas D. Walker mentioned that he still trims his yard himself and helps out his kids (who aren't kids anymore) with whatever he can. His wife, Megan, is also a long-liver - she's 104 years old. They both clean their vessels every year. The doctor thinks this is the main reason they've both outlived their peers.


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Arben Hibraj
Arben Hibraj
Arben Hibraj
Mary W.
There’s a history of ill heart conditions in my family. I often get scared that I could have heart problems too because presently my mother has congenital heart disease and my I lost my dad to a heart attack at a tender age. Asides that, I love to work out quite a lot and I have little or no time for proper rest, so a doctor suggested I start taking Heart Keep. In my mind it was just another vitamin type of drug, wasn’t expecting any positive results, but I was shocked at the results I got, like climbing the staircase or walking long distances were now so easy, I would sleep in a very relaxed manner. I could see myself looking fresh and healthy. A big thanks to Heart Keep.
My life has been a string of heartbreaks. When I was younger this affected me little in terms of health problems and it has always been resilient to the negativity in my life. As I got older and went through many battles however my heart went weaker and I started to feel much more vulnerable. When my mother died I almost had a heart attack. My doctor suggested I start taking Heart Keep and I accepted it without much thought. The results have been lifechanging for me, because not only did Heart Keep resurrect my will to live and keep on fighting, but also I feel more healthy and filled with energy than ever
Lee H.
I have been healthy all my life which made me a bit overconfident in my health through the years. It was after I passed 48 when chest pain started to burden me. The pain got more and more frequent and more and more severe until I finally decided to seek help. A long time friend of mine who has been sickly before and untypically healthy now recommended me to try out Heart Keep to relieve my pain. From the moment I started taking this amazing product, my chest pain has been just an inconvenient memory. So grateful to the people who created this for returning the confidence I always had in my health!
Lindsay Rose
Thank you. I ordered it. It is really nice that it's delivered by mail since it can be delivered to anywhere in the country.
I just got my package yesterday. This is what it looks like. My wife and I are both going to get all cleaned up. We got a med checkup recently - our blood vessels are in terrible shape, all because of high cholesterol.
I took a Normatone course last month. My pressure would spike randomly or my heart wouldn't beat the way it's supposed to. I took Normatone for about 2-2.5 weeks. My pressure has gone back to normal and overall I just feel like a healthy human being.
Tony E.
I am 61 years old. I've been regularly cleaning blood vessels for about 5 years now. It helps me stay strong and healthy. Haven't felt ill in years, meanwhile all my peers have long bitten the dust. I even still have occasional sex, pardon my French. You NEED to clean your vessels.
Thank you! I watched a program about this drug recently on TV. There it was also praised by many doctors. They emphasised said that cleaning the vessels is vital.
I used this drug to deal with my high blood pressure. High blood pressure has long become my constant companion. Over time I also developed diabetes and some kidney problems. My eyesight dropped and my memory became much shorter. What didn't I try to cure myself. Nothing really hleped, so I decided to try Normatone. That was my first time ordering drugs online but everything worked out.
Samuel Parker
The drug is excellent. I can totally recommend it! My blood pressure used to constantly be 140/90. It was like that for several years. After I took the course my pressure dropped to 125/85. And my overall health improved significantly.
Lindsay L.
I read some more info about the drug. Impressive!
Christian R.
I ordered it. Thank you so much!
I have been taking it for a month (with brakes). I'm beginning to feel much better. I got renewed strength and energy, my immune system improved. I feel 10 years younger. I am 72 years old.
I used Normatone to clean my blood vessels. The effect was satiafactory. Back wehn my vessels were still clogged, I was walking around like a zombie but now I'm full of energy. I manage to do a lot more things in 1 day. Headaches no longer bother me. I started sleeping better and overall life improved.

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Arben Hibraj
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