Ebonyi: Peace returns to Ikwo/Izhi war-torn communities

The illustrious children of Ekumaenyi (Umuekumaenyi) including the people of Ezza Ezekuna, Ikwo Noyo and Izhi Nnodo clans have put to rest the recurring crisis between Enyibuchiri Alike in Ikwo Local Government Area and the brotherly community, Enyigba Izhi in Abakaliki Council Area of Ebonyi State.

The Publicity Secretary of Oha Izhi Nnodo Ekumaenyi clan, Apostle Benjamin Obaji made this known in a statement made available to NATIONAL PANEL this Saturday.

According to Obaji, "the recurring crisis between Enyigba Izhi Abakaliki and Enyigbuchiri Ikwo, has been finally put to rest by the traditional burial of the weapons of war at the boundary between the duo.  

"This was performed by the Ozors from Ikwo Noyo and Ishiukes from Izhi Nnodo, which was cemented by the Ozors from Ezza Ezekuna clan."

He added the traditional burial of the weapon of the war was capped with a unity song rendered by the two clans, Ikwo Noyo and Izhi Nnodo Ekumaenyi. 

"This traditional peace deal will be followed by a 2-day fasting and prayers on 13th and 14th August 2021 by the christian faithful of the two clans.

"The traditional burial rite was witnessed by prominent personalities from the two clans," the Oha Izhi Nnodo the Publicity Secretary stated.

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