Ohanaeze to Southeast Govs: Stop negotiating on our behalf


The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide has warned South East governors against further negotiations of Igbo with any regional group without consulting and seeking consent from all stakeholders.

According to the statement signed by the president of the group, Mazi Okwu Nnabuike and made available to the press yesterday, in Abuja “it has come to our notice that some unpatriotic groups of persons in the South- Eastern state is in active connivance with the Northern Elders Forum working against the interest of the Igbo people”.

He noted that council is quite aware of series of clandestine engagements between these set of people and ranking members of the Northern Elders Forum that led to the recent meeting of the Forum with other unsuspecting South East leaders and elders.

He said “We are concerned deeply that these so called representatives attended the meeting and entered into a commitment with the Northern Elders without due consultation of the actual position of the South East.

“We understand that the initial meeting agenda was to discuss national unity but later we found that the meeting was based on personal political interest.

“We see this unimaginable submission as largely irrelevant and not in anyway in positions to decide the direction of South East politics and is very embarrassing to Igbos sensibilities and therefore whatever plans hatched by the accused stands unacceptable, null and of no effect whatsoever.

“We are also aware that the those colluding in place of the igbos are I n a haste to mortgage the collective interests of the entire Igbo nation and sell out our struggle for justice, equity and fairness in exchange of a promise to back his presidential ambition,”he said

“We shall not hesitate to expose the extent of complicity of any Southeast leader and to hold them responsible for any form of sabortage caused us by their personal greed for power at the expense of the majority suffering people in Igbo land.”

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