NUC approves King David Medical Varsity, 23 courses, 23 major units


The National Universities Commission, NUC, has approved King David University of Medical Sciences in Uburu, Ohazara Council Area of Ebonyi State.

The approval of the medical institution of high learning by NUC made it the 197th university in Nigeria.

Left to right: Prof Chinedum Nwajiuba (former VC AE-FUNAI, Prof Abubakar Adamu Rasheed (Executive Secretary NUC), HEx Engr Dave Umahi, Prof Jesse Uneke (VC), Mr Chris Maiyaki, Deputy ES NUC).

NUC according to a release made available to NATIONAL PANEL on Tuesday by the Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Barr Orji Uche Orji, described the complex as a world class and most beautiful university edifice ever built in the country.



Orji noted that the State Governor, Engr David Umahi has established unbeatable records in the history of Africa's leadership since assumption of office, saying Ebonyi people are happy for his leadership model.

According to him,  "history was made today in Abuja, the Nigeria's capital city as King David University of Medical Sciences built by the administration of the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi was approved by the National Universities Commission  (NUC). The University is the 197th University in Nigeria and the most beautiful University Complex in Africa."

Narrating about the newly approved institution with 23 courses and 23 major units, he said, "the King David University of Medical Sciences (KDUMS) is designed as an ultra-modern 21st century state-of-the-art International Medical University. The University’s central goal is for specialized manpower development in the most conducive environment in all aspects of medical specialties with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence. 

"The University is established with the vision and mission that are consistent with the Nigerian National Health Policy (NHP) and Strategy which is targeted at achieving Health for All Nigerians. The University is programmed to provide the manpower needs to address the challenge of human resources for health in line with new global realities and trends that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and emerging health issues, particularly with respect to global health challenges (eg., Covid-19 pandemic).

"Vision: The vision of The University is to achieve the highest form of quality manpower development for healthcare and other service delivery for all persons irrespective of gender, race, religion, and socio-economic status.

"Mission: The mission of the University is to serve mankind with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence by training highly qualified health professionals who will work to improve health conditions, alleviate sickness, suffering and pain through the provision of high quality, efficient, cost-effective and integrated healthcare with compassion and treatment.

 "Core values: The core values of the University include Excellence, Godliness, Ethics, Compassion, Respect, Delivery, Collaboration, Innovation, Accountability, Learning, Improvement and Sustainability.

"The Philosophy of the University: It will be the object, philosophy and aspiration of the University to: 

"(i) Encourage the advancement of learning in Ebonyi State of Nigeria in particular and Nigeria in general; 

"(ii) Hold out to all persons, without distinction of race, creed, political persuasion or sex, the opportunity of acquiring higher education. 

"(iii). For the purpose of realizing the object, philosophy and aspiration set out, the University shall, so far as its resources permit: 

"(iv) Provide such facilities for the pursuit of learning and acquisition of higher education as are appropriate for a University of the highest standing; 

"(v) Make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from the use of the facilities.

"The Objectives of the University:

"(i) To build critical competencies and expertise in the health sciences under the most conducive learning environment with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence. 

"(ii) To foster the spirit of creativity, inventiveness, resourcefulness and entrepreneurship; 

"(iii) To impact on her products and associates the spirit of patriotism, fairness, impartiality, incorruptibility and justice, and to propagate the ideal equality of all mankind.

"(iv) To mobilize all resources both locally and internationally, and work collaboration with other institutions of learning and donor agencies within and outside Nigeria for the advancement of knowledge through research and training; 

"(v) To provide such facilities that will give training that has concrete relevance to the developmental need of our society; and 

"(vi) To undertake other activities and ventures that can conveniently be undertaken by the University for the overall benefit of mankind.

"Courses offered in the University:

(1). Medicine & Surgery, 

(2). Nursing, 

(3). Medical Laboratory Science, 

(4). Pharmacy, 

(5). Physiotherapy, 

(6). Health Policy & Health Systems, 

(7). Hospital Administration, 

(8). Dentistry, 

(9). Optometry, 

(10). Human Anatomy, 

(11). Physiology, 

(12). Biochemistry, 

(13). Microbiology/Parasitology, 

(14). Biomedical Engineering, 

(15). Public Health, 

(16). Human Nutrition/Dietetics, 

(17). Radiography/Radiation Sciences, 

(18). Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine, 

(19). Industrial Physics/Astronomy 

(20). Industrial Mathematics/Statistics 

(21). Industrial Chemistry 

(22). Applied Biology/Biotechnology

(23). Computer Science.

"Major centres/units of the teaching hospital:

"Maternal & Child Care Centre: To undertake all aspects of maternal and child health care including women health, pregnancy, nursing mothers, children healthcare etc. 

"Cancer Treatment/Oncology Centre: To undertake all aspects of cancer/oncology treatment. 

"Eye Centre Centre: To undertake all aspects of eye care in all specialties.


"Dialysis Centre: To undertake renal management and treatment including dialysis. 

"Laboratory Unit: To cover the four key areas of laboratory services including medical microbiology, haematology/immunology, chemical pathology and histopathology. 

"Radiology Unit: To undertake all radiology services. 

  "Operating Theatres and Suits: For all aspects of surgical services. 

 "Kidney and Liver Transplantation Unit: For kidney and liver transplantation and care. 

"Dialyzer Production Plant: For the production of dialyzers and other consumables used for dialysis centre. 

"Oxygen Production Plant: For the production of oxygen required for critical care and other related services. 

"Virology and Quarantine Unit: For the quarantine and management of viral diseases and highly infectious diseases. 

"Dental Services Unit: For all aspects of dental care and dentistry. 

"Pharmacy Unit: For the management and administration of drugs and also for the formulation and compounding of drugs and other pharmaceutical services. 

 "Accident and Emergency Unit: For the prompt management and care for accident and emergency case. 

"Physiotherapy Unit: For physiotherapy services. 

"Health Information Management Equipment and Systems Unit: For the computerization of all records and other hospital information. 

"Mortuary Unit: This is a 48-body capacity. Also incorporated is a chapel for funeral services. 

"Central Sterilizing Supply Department (CSSD): For all kinds of sterilization services. 

"Laundry Unit: For all aspects of laundry services. 

"WorkshopMaintenance Unit: For the purpose of maintenance and servicing of equipment and hospital infrastructure and environment. 

"Catering/Kitchen Unit: For all aspects of catering services. 

"Waste Management Unit: For management of all forms of hospital wasters.

"Administration: For all administrative related services including personnel and finance matters."

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