I'm not a thief, man cries out over allegation


The Managing Director of king Solomon Guest House and indigene of Nkaliki Unuhu Autonomous Community in Abakaliki LGA, Mr. Amarachi Bob Nwigwe said to have been maltreated recently  by some guards suspected to be members of Ebubeagu security out fit over false allegation leveled against him by his kinsman has narrated  his experiences in Ebonyi State.

It was gathered  that the man’s ordeal was remotely caused by the trust which he initially had on his towns man, Mr. Sunday Nwuguru who brought some household assets involving air conditioner, industrial standing fan and stabilizer for him to buy.

The victim who did not envisage any misfortune negotiated with Mr Nwuguru being keke rider in the sum of N54,000 which he {Mr. Nwigwe} instantly made financial commitment of N7,000 and thereby requested for receipts of the goods before the balance would be given but to his chagrin, after the payment had been made, the alleged seller failed to produce the necessary documents to prove himself the legitimate owner of the belongings.

Following the development, the victim of maltreatment being Mr. Nwigwe, in his act of sincerity automatically lost interest in the said business and immediately requested that his money should be refunded and also directed Mr. Nwuguru to evacuate the items from the Guest House.

On this note, the alleged seller who was left without another option hurriedly went back the following morning with other persons alongside Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and carried the items after giving Mr. Nwigwe back his money.
According to him, when the suspect and his  cohorts found out that their vehicle boot could not contain everything, Mr Nwuguru decided to leave the fan promising to go back for it the following morning but to the consternation of Mr. Nwigwe,  his family members, friends and passers-by, on the said day, Mr. Nwuguru who was already handcuffed led the members of Ebubeagu, headed by Mr. Power Eze to the Guest House where they picked the fan and bundled Mr. Nwigwe after accusing him of being an accomplice of the seller. 

Consequent upon the man’s enquiry over the source of the household items, Mr. Nwuguru allegedly said that the particular belongings were owned by someone else who wanted to relocate to another town and for the person to raise money and also avoid stress associated with conveying the property, the alleged seller was assigned to look for buyers.  
“After I have found out that the man was not ready to issue receipts to me I decided to quit the transaction and requested for my payment, he then balanced me and came back with jeep to evacuate the items, in the process, the man pleaded that I should permit him to leave the fan since it could not enter their vehicle boot.
“I then, granted his plea but to my surprise, the keke rider came back to my Guest House the following morning being 9th June 2021, already in hand cuff and pointed at me as one of his accomplice and immediately, I was bundled into the boot of Ebubeagu vehicle where I was kept for hours before I was eventually handed over to the members of Nigeria Police Force, Anti-Kidnapping section, Ebonyi State command” he said.

The alleged victim hinted  that when the security guards were carrying him about within the town, he then resorted to prayer, if God could intervene in his case but the men after they had noticed that he had embarked on the spiritual exercise, became infuriated and began to use teargas on him even while he was still inside the vehicle boot.

He added that he even provided the guards with   picture evidence of when Mr. Nwuguru and other persons were evacuating the items from his place but the security operatives in their desperate move to deal with him did not consider his plea until he was eventually handed over to the police where he regained his freedom after he had been found innocent over the allegation.

Mr. Nwigwe who was later released on bail on the same day of his arrest due to the fact that he was not annex to the illegal transaction, claimed innocence over the allegation leveled against him and also condemned the online publication posted by a certain Brutus Orogwu in the platform “Ebonyi Times” where he (Mr. Nwigwe) was accused of being a member of gang of criminal.

He also told us that as a result of the concluded police investigation over the issue that Mr. Obinna Sunday Peter, being the principal suspect, his accomplice Mr. Sunday Nwuguru and their cohorts had been arraigned in the court of law in Abakaliki. 
Our Correspondent also gathered that Mr. Nwuguru was serving as an accomplice and marketer to a certain Mr. Obinna Sunday Peter who allegedly stole a great quantity of his mistress’ household properties after serving under the woman whose name was not given for so many years.
Also garnered that, it was after the alleged partners in crime, being Mr. Sunday Nwuguru and Obinna Sunday Peter had made their confession statements that they began to lead security men to places of their unlucky customers, hence Mr Amarachi Bob Nwigwe who was not part of the illegitimate transaction was mentioned.

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