Uburu Ohaozara; The last Thing God Made


According to the scriptures, while giving account of creation in the book of Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, the Earth was void and formless and the spirit of God was moving up on the waters and God said, let there be light and there was light.

Did this light also Shine in Uburu Ohaozara in the old Eastern region and Kaura Namoda in the old Northern region respectively.

This is because as a young school leaver in the early nineties and later a young graduate, the financial institution that employed me gave me the opportunity to join the trade Union.

I rose to become one of the Union leaders. Each time we went to the management for this financial institution with its headquarters in Marina, Lagos, to negotiate for a pay rise and improved welfare package, the management will threaten us with transfer to Uburu Ohaozara or Kaura namoda, but we will remain unshaken till  we got what we wanted.

After each negotiation which must result to strike action, starting from wearing of rags, other people's Sunday best was our rag at the end, some Union leaders will be transferred to these perceived hottest part of hell and to the management, the last thing God Made.

The management of this financial institution rebaptized Uburu Ohaozara as being the hottest part of hell on Earth and as such cannot effectively support personal growth and accomplishment, a punishment ground.

Uburu was seen as a point of no return, a place of weeping and crying.. where joy does not come in the morning,a place of gnashing of teeth, a town where evil deeds are repaid here on earth... my goodness.
Transportation from Owerri Imo state and from Enugu, in Enugu state was twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, Other days - forget it, let it be with CAESAR!

Today Uburu Ohaozara is in the World Map for good, Starring, a state of the Art medical college and reputable medical and referral centre, The Dave Nweze UMAHI University of Medicine Uburu... cancer and heart transplant and surgical center, the best medical college in the whole of Black Africa... No other college can make this statement!

Uburu is now Heaven on Earth, with all the modern infrastructure development attributes intact.

If you visit Uburu Ohaozara, you will feel Heaven on earth, this is courtesy,the commander of projects in Nigeria, Governor Dave Nweze UMAHI Executive Governor of Ebonyi State of Nigeria - the game changer, the story changer,who gave Uburu Ohaozara and indeed Ebonyi state an alternative story - a more accurate and credible story.

Uburu Ohaozara, here I come.

IGNATIUS SOROIBE is our Guest Writer.

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