Remember our blood tie and stop crisis, Amb. Ominyi advises Abakaliki bloc

The Nigerian High Commissioner to the Republic of Zambia, Ambassador Nwannebuike Ominyi has appealed to the people of Izhi and Ikwo clans in Ebonyi State to respect the brotherly bond that ties them together and embrace peace.

Amb. Ominyi in a statement forwarded to the NATIONAL PANEL on Friday was advising the two brotherly clans to sheath their sword following the renewed crisis.

It was gathered that Enyigba community in Abakalki Local Government Area and its counterpart - Enyibuchiri in Ikwo Council Area had allegedly embarked on another  communal clashes  after a seemingly permanent reconciliation of the issue in dispute between the two communities in the recent time.

But, Ominyi urged the two brotherly clans - Ikwo Noyo and Izzi Nnodo, where the two warring communities fall in, to reconcile in the face of  the current misgivings in considering their strong bond.

According to him, "no wise man makes his home a battle ground, both brothers (Izzi and Ikwo) must be committed to enforcing existing peace agreements earlier reached without fear or favor.

He called on the academia, all the leaders cutting across business, political and religious institutions alongside youths, students, market women, traditional and community rulers of Abakaliki bloc to rise up to the occasion to ensure that conflicts within the bloc were brought to an end.

His statement read in parts: "Because no wise man makes his home a battle ground, I make this clarion Call on my Izzi and Ikwo brothers to embrace peace for our over all well being and development and sheath their sword in the renewed conflict between the two brothers, as it is only a stupid man that turns his home a battle front and I believe we are wise.

"It is most unfortunate and I call on all the stakeholders of both Izzi and Ikwo clans to urgently come together irrespective of political party affiliation to find a lasting peace in the area

"I frown at those working to destabilise the efforts of the Ebonyi State Governor, Engr Dave Umahi, the security agencies and that of the well meaning leaders of Ebonyi State at ensuring that peace reigns to desist from such act.

"I further urge both brothers (Izzi and Ikwo) to be committed to enforcing whatever peace agreements reached in the past without fear nor favour

"I further call on the Academia, Business leaders, political and religious leaders, youths, students, Market women, Traditional and community rulers of Abakaliki bloc to rise up to the occasion to ensure that conflicts within the bloc were brought to an end.

"I further lament that the brotherhood bond between Ikwo and Izhi and by extention Umuekumenyi people is being put under threat and appeal to the two brothers to toe the path of peace and true reconciliation because Ebonyi Project can only be realized under a peaceful atmosphere.

"I sincerely give my sympathy to the families of those that were lost in this unfortunate incident."

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