One day, Umahi will be ex-governor - PDP Chair



The Caretaker Chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi State, Chief Fred Udeogu, has called on Governor David Nweze Umahi to allow healthy opposition to thrive in the state.

Udeogu made this call while addressing some salient issues in the state on Tuesday in Abakalki.

He said, Governor David Umahi has ordered for his arrest in two occasion by police, without any meaningful reason.

He asked Umahi to always think properly before voicing out anything for the progress of the state.

He observed that a healthy opposition helps in advancing democracy and fasting up development, noting that, Umahi would one day bow out from the governorship position of the state.

"At every point in time, I have things to reveal but am releasing them in trickles. 
If he doesn't want me to say more he should stop threatening me. The more he threatens me the more I feel moved to talk about him and he knows I have many things I can reveal against him. We should treat ourselves with respect. One day he is going to be ex governor. Am already on the ground so I fear no fall. But clearly speaking, my team, party, everybody knows my life is under threat by him. His boys here and outside the state should be very careful. I am not threatening anybody. I accept the fact that he is governor of the state, but we should respect ourselves," h said.

He also said: "I have not accused the governor. He is my governor. I voted him in 2015, I campaigned vigorously for his victory, and in 2019, I equally did the same, but that is not the man I saw that time and voted for him.

"There's no basis for somebody to work in the morning, by 12-noon, you see a different thing and by 6-pm, you see different thing.

"I love the statement of the former Governor Martin Elechi made as he left office. Elechi said he is not going to regret what he did when he was a governor, because he was very careful in whatever he was saying.

"But see our governor, said, everybody is free to open his shop and within a short time, he reversed the statement.

"If you say you are fighting IPOB, MASSOB, ESN and rest of others, you can stand by that, tell the world what is happening and that how you can test your popularity to know if the state will abide by the decision you are taking. 

"It is because he knows that nobody would obey him, and that's why Ebonyi complied 95 per cent to the sit-at-home order including himself."

He further accused the governor of being after him. "I want to tell the whole world that the governor is after my life. Last week he told some of his boys that any day they lay hands on me they should break my legs. I don't know why breaking the legs that have not committed any offence. My mouth did the replying not my legs. I only started replying him because am the leader of opposition in the state , that's all. Am the Chairman of PDP the lead opposition in the state. It is my duty to tell him the bitter truth he wouldn't like to hear. 

"He has gone thus far, because I wouldn't want either of us to cross the redline. Am saying this because of the poor masses there. Look at the kind of begandage we are experiencing in the state. Why did you desolve 95% of your executive council members and warn them not to join PDP, that you will arrest them if they do. My question is are we still in democracy? Am using this opportunity to tell any of the desolved council members who which to join PDP to take the bold step and they would be protected.

"For the emphasis, if any of them feel like joining PDP they shall be properly protected because we are not in banana republic.

"At this point I call on the law enforcement agencies to note the threats on members of PDP caretaker committee in Ebonyi State and our members at Abuja. If anything happens to us DIG and DSS are already aware because we have alerted them. We have no problems with his family or siblings we are only discussing principles, issues that concerns governance."

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