My pleadings to Ebonyi Commissioner for Capital City

Monday Prosper Oketa, a Public Affairs Analyst and  Media Aide to Chairman of  Ebonyi Local Government Area, Chief Mrs Chinyere Nwogbaga in this piece pleaded with the Ebonyi State Commissioner for Capital City Development, Barr Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi.

His write up reads:  MY PLEADINGS TO BARR. ONYEKACHI NWEBONYI on Friday June 18, 2021:

Dear Sir,

In the context of morality, Onyekachi Nwebonyi has to be flexible while enforcing the laws against the voilators.

This plea is not in any way to fault your activities and statutory functions as the Honourable Commissioner for capital City Development but to recommend that you stop just low while carrying out your functions for the interest of the masses and those of us holding you in high esteem.

When can get it more correct when we try to balance the loopholes between the legality and morality while enforcing laws of the land.

In the gritty,  there should be some consideration and possibly warning before the final hammer placed knocked on the heads of those poor women selling fruits and Madam at Nkaliki Juction  and other places in Abakaliki town. T

They may have violated the rules and regulations of the  State Capital City, but since we are working round the clock to corroborate self employment and skills acquisition, it is still fair if we throw both the water and the bucket altogether?
I wish to commended the Honourable Commissioner for Capital City Development, Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi once again for always being available to hear from the youths just as I wish to humbly draw his attention to the activities of some boys suspected to be working with him in the Ministry of State capital City development.

I beg that some of those boys should be subjected to further training and orientation on how best to handle of these alleged violators of the capital city rules especially those women who eat from hand to mouth.

I believe Sir, that my request will NOT be misconstrued, misunderstood or misinterpreted to mean that Oketa Monday Prosper is against you or your office; No way! I am rather against the plights, the torture and the possible increase of disengaged women selling different goods to survive in many junctions across the state.

Do note that this is my personal opinion and does not relate to anyone else being my boss or friend.

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