CAN to abductors of Ebonyi children, return them life or dead, uncovers 7-names

The Christian Association of Nigeria, Ebonyi State Chapter, has unveiled the names of the seven abducted children from Enyigba community in Abakalki Local Government Area by the alleged Ikwo warlords and urged the abductors  to return them life or dead.

The CAN Chairman in the state, Rev Fr Abraham Nwali made the disclosure on Monday at Bishop Thomas Macgettrick Pastoral Centre Abakalki after the peace meeting with the stakeholders of Ikwo Noyo and Izhi Nnodo Ekumaenyi clans.

Fr Nwali, said, this was part of the resolutions by the asssociation and the stakeholders of the two brotherly clans in their peace meeting to end crisis between the two brotherly communities, Enyibuchiri and Enyigba from their areas.

He said the abducted children are males and females while some are still breast-feeding.

The seven abducted children's names were submitted to CAN by the traditional ruler of Enyigba community in Abakalki LGA through the affected village heads, the CAN Chairman stated.

 "We've also received the names of seven children that are missing and requesting seriously that they should have a joint effort in recovering them. 

"They are John Ekpiro (Male), Chigozie Nwodom (Female), Chiboy Okemini (Male), Adanna Okemini (Female), Chidindu Okemini (Male), Favour Okemini (Female and breast feeding), Goodluck Okemini (Male). We have these facts and submission from the village head and the traditional ruler of the community, 

He further stated that "CAN in conjunction with Ebonyi State Government is asking the entire residents and citizens of Ebonyi State to go about their businesses following the rule and order.

"We also ask those who left the town in fear to return back, because, Ikwo and Izhi clans have continued to say there's no war between them and mischief that took place, Ikwo people have been given their treatment especially the Enyibuchiri to do all their best to find the whereabout of the children.

"CAN is also requesting that before the seven days of His Execllency that CAN wants to receive a report if not the recovery of the children about their whereabout with pictures and the evidences."

He said the association has  also received a report from  Enyibuchiri people concerning some houses damaged in the cause of the conflict like wise their Enyigba counterpart and advised them to take histories and details.

Nwali said, CAN would continue on the path to peace by interfacing with the people of Enyigba and Enyibuchiri coming Friday, and the details to be made known to them through the Secretariat of the asssociation.

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