Umahi's Abuja Trip: The reeling of the technicalities of leadership

How I wish that the Ebonyi National Assembly Members who go to Red and Green Chambers to sleep  will take  a clue from the leadership ingenuity and leadership resilience of the DAVID OF OUR TIME, Matt-Donald Udeh writes.

Leadership is becoming someone's hero. It's taking up a herculean task for the greater good of your people. That's the reason a lion who leads an army of sheep will certainly defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. It then means that a great leader  must be courageous and daring  enough in the face of daunting challenges. 

This is the courage to conquer that drives the passion of the leader to leave his comfort zone in order to confront the Goliath. And before going to confront the Goliath   , Gov. Umahi like the Biblical David had killed the lion and the bear with a bare hand and how much more will he confront and kill Goliath with just a sling. And how much more of a host of the contending forces will he  bring down with a sword . 

Now, this allegory is the exact correlation of Gov. Umahi's leadership proclivities. When he  decided to join the All Progressives Congress (APC) not many saw his move as a wise decision ; thus, they cast aspersions on his insightful leadership style. The argument of sound reasoning in favour of Gov. Umahi's defection to the All progressives Congress is that "if he had achieved such an extraordinary feat for Ebonyi as a member of an opposition party, then he would achieve even much more now he's in an alliance with he party at the centre"

It's this political mainstreaming that had necessitated the several official trips  just like the one he's embarked upon over the weekend to Abuja . These trips are not mere holiday making trips. They are business oriented trips embarked upon by a workaholic leader who's not ready to rest on his oars until he's totally eliminated underdevelopment from entire Ebonyi State. 

When Gov. Umahi took the mantle of leadership to serve Ebonyi State, he promised to work 24/7 and 7/7 Monday to Sunday and that's what's he's doing now. When most of his colleagues are in the comforts of their exotic palatial homes eating and drinking, Gov. is in Abuja attracting more dividends of democracy for his people. 

How I wish that the Ebonyi National Assembly Members who go to Red and Green Chambers to sleep  will take  a clue from the leadership ingenuity and leadership resilience of the DAVID OF OUR TIME. It's a shame that non of the National Assembly members from Ebonyi  has sponsored a bill not to talk of attracting any project to their constituencies except Comrade Chinedu Oga who's  decided to tour the path of honour by following Gov Umahi's developmental agenda. 

It's therefore very disappointing that these lazy, lousy lackluster , lackadaisical National Assembly members have seen their going to Abuja as a mere jamboree and never for the supposed service for the people they were elected to represent. Yet, they ignorantly turn to criticize and fight a  self less leader that has come out of his cocoon to discomfort himself for the sake of the people he's elected to serve. 

It's this ingratitude and ingratiating ignorance that props and prompts jealousy and envy from  devilish emissaries such as Silas Onu , Ali Odefa and other disgruntled elements who have become Oblivious of where Gov. Umahi has picked them from and made them what they are today. And it's this bemoaning blind fold that denied them the knowledge of where they were picked from that has also denied them the knowledge of the doomed future that awaits every ingrate. 

However, the future for Ebonyi State and all  lovers of the good works of our Gov. Umahi  is bright and greater because this a  the tip of the ice berg and beginning of the greater  impact and transcontinental transformation that are popping up from the land hitherto neglected and dejected. 

Donald is a technical assistant to the Governor on media.

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