Gov. Umahi's scorecards: The humorous strides of presidential material

 From Ogbonnia Nwachi

The humongous strides of His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi, Fnse, Fnate, the Governor of Ebonyi State shall take comprehensive volumes upon volumes of writings to be satisfactorily chronicled. But primarily  to vitiate the misleading gibberish of haters who ignorantly persist in a blinkered view of His Excellency's achievements to the point that they fail to acknowledge his stellar performance within so short a time, these few records shall suffice.
Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State.

Aggressive Agricultural Revolution:

Since February, 2015 till date, Governor Umahi has redefined the concept of farming in Ebonyi State to the point that Ebonyians no longer see farming as business of the old. His Excellency remains the first governor in Nigeria to procure land development equipment; 13V8 bulldozers for land development and agricultural mechanization. Today, Ebonyi State is the only state in Nigeria with the biggest mushroom farm. Gov. Umahi is also the first governor in Nigeria to introduce "one man, one hectare" agricultural policy for public officers, civil servants and farmers who participate in the state agricultural programmes. As a result of bountiful yield particularly in rice production, do you know that Ebonyi State under Gov. Umahi has the biggest ricemill in Nigeria and the biggest rice-milling cluster in West Africa with a total of 24 metric tones per hour for government owned rice mills and over 1,500 milling clusters for co-operatives? Do you also know that Ebonyi State also has the biggest fertilizer company in the South-East and South-South geopolitical zones? These are tangible projects that are also verifiable. 

General Empowerment:

His Excellency remains the only governor in Nigeria with the highest empowerment profile.
Besides an executive council with about 90 members, the governor has other appointees, numbering over 3,000 who are regularly paid salaries and other sundry allowances. 4,000 Ebonyi widows were recently empowered with N100,000 each as grants to assist them in their businesses, 3,000 youths and women received N750,000 each as grant to assist them boost their business capital. The governor also released 400 tricycles as grants to youths and women. He also donated N130m grant to 520 Ebonyi youths in Lagos to assist them in their businesses. Other empowerments are;  5,008 clergy and pastors received N5.8m grant, while 403 wives of security agencies received N80.6m grants to go into entrepreneurship programmes. Civil Servants are not left out as the state government released over N4billion long term loan to them to enable then diversify their sources of income through agriculture and other businesses. 


Ebonyi State has the lowest insecurity profile and crime rate in Nigeria. This is made possible by the high degree of intelligence gathering methodology of security agencies and their proactiveness which are ably complimented by the state neighborhood watch. Just last Sunday, during a thanksgiving service, our dear governor declared total war on cultists and cultism to nip their nefarious activities in the bud.


Gov. Umahi is the only governor in Nigeria that has built a special school for talented and gifted Ebonyi children. In conjunction with the Universal Basic Education Fund, the governor has also undertaken the construction, renovation and reconstruction of delapidated structures in our public schools as well as provision of instructional and teaching materials; a good case in point is Government Secondary School, Afikpo. At the tertiary level, our Local Government Areas were adjudged by NUC as having the highest number of undergraduates admitted into the University System. That means Ebonyi also makes impressive performances in WASSCE, NECO and UTME because these are prerequisites to gaining admissions in the University and other higher institutions. 

Encouragement of Women in Politics:

Through the family succour of Gov. Umahi's wife, Her Excellency, Chief (Mrs) Rachel Ogonnaya Umahi, His Excellency has given over 40% affirmative action to the female folk in Ebonyi State and the highest in Nigeria thereby surpassing the epochal Beijing declaration. Today, we have so many women in appointive and elective positions; some are Local Government Executive Chairmen, Coordinators, Heads of Boards/Commissions, Commissioners, SSAs, SAs, EAs, STAs, TAs, Councillors, Supervisors, Management Committee Members, Liaison Officers, etc.

Road Construction:

Gov. Umahi is the first governor in Nigeria to introduce road construction of 8inches concrete pavement which he did over 300km first of its kind in Nigeria. The governor is also reputed to have built the smoothest road network in Nigeria.

Building of Flyovers:

Gov. Umahi is adjudged as the builder of the longest and most aesthetic flyovers in the South-East with 3No of such, having a total of 96 spans built in 3years and has commenced another construction of 8 flyovers in strategic junctions and major highways of the three senatorial zones. He is also the first governor in Nigeria to build a glass bridge tunnel with 16spans and aesthetic light that shine in the night. 

Street Lighting:

Gov. Umahi is the first governor in Nigeria with the best solar energy street light panel that shine 12hours daily, performing optimally at the state capital and also in each of the 13 LGAs of the state.

Ecumenical Centre:

Gov. Umahi built the biggest Ecumenical Centre ever built by any government in Nigeria with main bow of 5,000 capacity and about 2,000 capacity smaller bow with modern lift escalators, offices and accommodations.

Sports Stadium:

Gov. Umahi has built the best stadium ever built by a recent state administration in the South-East and has ambition to construct one of the best in Nigeria. 


Gov. Umahi is the only governor in the South-East to secure approval from the federal government to build airport under the President Buhari administration and the project is ongoing. 

Water Fountains and Aesthetics fratures in the  state capital:

The governor built the most amazing and sustainable fountains in the South-East; 7 in number at strategic locations. It is on record that Ebonyi State has the neatest and most beautiful capital city  with the most effective aesthetic roundabouts with fountains in Nigeria. The state also has the highest number of electronic lid in the South-East. 


Ebonyi State under Gov. Umahi has the biggest and best laser fever viriology centre in Nigeria which was recently upgraded with the best equipment to handle cases arising from Covid-19 pandemic. The state also has the most medically equipped VVF Centre in the South-East. At Uburu, the state government is currently building a gigantic ultramordern teaching hospital adjudged to be world class in handling all medical cases, including cancer, renal failures, liver and heart diseases.


Courtesy of Gov. Umahi, Ebonyi State can proudly boast of the biggest single international market in the South-East. The governor is also building the biggest shopping mall ever built by any democratic government in the continent of Africa and slated to be the microcosm of the macrocosm of the legendary Dubai mall.


Besides building the biggest rice milling industrial cluster in West Africa and the biggest fertilizer company in the South-East and South-South which I mentioned earlier under agriculture, Ebonyi State under Gov. Umahi has the biggest poverization machine in Nigeria with 200emptytones capacity in a day.
Workers' Welfare:

Besides the over N4billion long term loan given to Ebonyi workers to engage in other income yielding ventures which I earlier mentioned under general empowerment, Ebonyi State workers are paid regularly 15 days to the end of the month. His Excellency equally gives Christmas packages to Ebonyi Workers and has never failed since he came to power in 2015. Just last Sunday, during a thanksgiving service,  he announced the Christmas packages for  December, 2020 and another round of distribution of palliatives to Ebonyi people.


These are just few of the many achievements of Governor Umahi and I challenge anyone who has any record of achievements of all our past Presidents before they ascended the highest office in the land which they feel surpass the achievements of our dear Governor to publish them for purposes of juxtaposition.

When abusive minds who choose to hide under the cloak of critics,  launch gibberish in the name of criticisms of Governor Umahi, the best attention they deserve is to ignore them because their abuses are born out of unwarranted bitterness and animosity. I challenge them to publish the achievements of their preferred politician(s) whom they support for President and whom they think is better than our dear Governor. Until they publish the scorecards of their own political leaders and prove it beyond all reasonable doubts that their achievements dwarf that of our dear Governor, nobody will take them serious.

Let it be on record that in the Southeast geopolitical zone and beyond, Governor Umahi remains the only authentic president material based on his achievement pedigree and consistency in clinching the best governor in Nigeria rating and ranking. The evidences are palpable and empirical.

May God perfect His works in our dear Governor as He grants him his heart desires for the betterment of Ebonyi State, the Southeast geopolitical zone and indeed the entire country.

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