EXPOSED: PDP abducted Amos Ogbonna for attending meeting with Mark Onu

 How PDP abducted Amos Ogbonna for attending meeting with Mark Onu, Chika Onyema writes from Abakalki.

We have keenly followed the recent trend that involved one Mr. Amos Ogbonna and his party members over his recent disappearance. The social media has been awash with how they allegedly kidnapped him for collecting the sum of Ten Million Naira to be attacking the state government but played a double standard by attending a reconciliation meeting with an APC Chieftain, Mark Onu at Palm Bay Hotel in Abakaliki.

Recall that the said Amos Ogbonna and two others who were both involved in the bad business of money sharing has recently been sponsored by the same opposition party members to AIT, Dream FM and other media outfits just to spew lies against the state government. 

The twist of the fate occurred after the reconciliation meeting was leaked to them which aggravated them as chiefly expressed by Hon. Linus Okorie over what he termed as disappointing and playing double standard. This led to his abduction, torture, and subsequent allegation against the state government in their failed attempt to shift the already obvious blame.

We the members of Ebonyi State Youths for Good Governance have risen from our 9th emergency meeting today to criticize this unholy action by members of the PDP which includes, Hon. Linus Okorie, Hulala, Silas Onu and other accomplices of this heinous crime and strongly warn them to desist from hitting up the polity as the Governor is presently focused on ensuring that Ebonyi State is developed.

From the available information we gathered through social media, we are happy to observe that the Governor has remained focused on his mission of transforming the state and is not deterred as he was seen on several sites as he carried out project inspections.

We encourage the Governor not to be distracted as God will reward him bountifully for his many works in Ebonyi State.

We advise the named PDP members to ensure that nothing happens to Mr. Amos Ogbonna as we are aware that he is still under their unlawful abduction and we will not leave any stone unturned in ensuring that they go in for it should he be reported unsafe.

Finally, we want to call on the public to be mindful of these men with criminal tendencies as they are always out to plot evil against the state peace and security of property. We equally call on security Agencies to without hesitation roll out their professionalism in ensuring that all the PDP members involved in this inglorious act are brought to book.

Bar. Chike Onyema  is the Publicity Secretary of Ebonyi State Youths for Good Governance.

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