Ebonyi 2023: Izzi for governor, irreversible, irrevocable - Eze Izzi Gbirim

By Victor Nwegede

Izzi Clan in Lagos State has declared that Izzi agenda for the governorship position of Ebonyi State come 2023 remains irreversible and irrevocable.
His Royal Highness, Eze Cyprian Ezekiel Mbam Nweke, Eze Gbirim 1 of Izzi Nation in Lagos State made the disclosure during a courtesy visit by  the Association of Izzi Media Workers on Thursday 13th May, 2021 at his country home, Uwalagba-ebvu,  Izhiogo  in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State

Eze Nweke who urged the people of Izzi land to see peace and unity as a panacea to speedy development, advised them especially the stakeholders to retrace their steps to original Izzi culture of unity and accommodative spirit with strangers in their various communities for the well-being of their people and environs.

He also noted that there is nothing like kindred dictonomy in Izzi land today, describing every divisive narrative as the handiwork of the self-serving politicians, and urged the people to avoid such personalities.

Eze Gbirim 1 of Izzi Nation further lamented the perpetual concealment of the statue of Pa Ngele Oruatu, a deceased respected Izzi legend, who was the father of Izzi Nation before his death, and wondered why Ebonyi State government keep delaying full unveiling of his image at the Pa Ngele Oruatu township stadium.

He however, called on the Governor of the State, Chief David Nweze Umahi and all the well meaning Ebonyians working with him to consider the unveiling of Pa Ngele Oruata's statue which has been under cage for long as a matter of urgency.

Hear him: "This is the time, we need to rise and stand in unity, stand for development, stand for job creation, stand to be the world best in every aspect of human endeavours. 

"We must see the reason to support our brothers and sisters, by avoiding selfishness, that it must be me, if not nobody is qualified for a particular position of trust.

"No one is the best, except we speak in one voice and declare that this man is okay by me to be our governor. 

"This man is okay by me to be our Senator, this man is okay by me to be our village head.  

"There's no person who is chosen to be the governor of this state, that won't like it. But in 2023, we are strongly in support for Izzi agenda for governorship position in Ebonyi State governorship, Izzi son must become the governor of this state. It is irreversible and irrevocable. 

"The day his form will bought, the people of Izzi Nnodo Worldwide said that they would buy it by themselves, so that the person will not say, he bought the form by himself and to know it is a clarion call to develop Izzi land and Ebonyi State at large.

"We are united, we have no problem of kindredship in Izzi land. Selfish people are trying to use political fight to witch-hunt Izzi clan because of our intimidating population in this state and our culture of peace, unity and friendly accommodation with strangers in our land from time immemorial. 

"We are calling Ebonyi State government to uncover the image of Pa Ngele Oruata at the stadium. If the statue of Pa Ngele Oruatu is not completed like others yet, let them complete, and unveil his image, if not, we are going to storm the state and do it ourselves. 

"In summary, let it be known that in 2023, Izzi Nnodo son will be the governor of Ebonyi State. 

"That Izzi people are now in unity, there's nothing like divisions in our land, and the state government should complete the construction of Pa Ngele Oruatu's statue and unveil the image like that of the Ezeogo Akanu Ibiam. We can't over flog these because our action plans towards them will be unfolding gradually."

The Monarch therefore, described media as an instrument for societal development and advised Izzi media workers to strive to be best in their respective places of assignments.

Earlier in his speech, the National President of the asssociation, Comrade Sunday Nwambam, commended Eze Nweke's contributions with other stakeholders of Izzi land to ensure the unification of the people. 

He also urged him to sustain the tempo for the interest of peace and security of lives and properties in Izzi land especially this critical period, the nation faces insecurity problems.

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