Herders Attack: Umahi's Security Aide commends FG's response, backs creation of state police


Comrade Ben Nwovu, the Special Assistant to the Governor of Ebonyi State on Internal Security, Urban Utility and Airport Development.

By Victor Nwegede

The Special Assistant to the Ebonyi State Governor on Internal Security, Urban Utility and Airport Development, Comrade Ben Nwovu has commended President Muhammad Buhari for his quick response to the killings of defenceless people by the suspected herdsmen in some communities in Ishielu Local Government Area of the state.

Comrade Nwovu on Easter Monday, expressed gratitude that the state governor, Chief David Umahi immediately placed call on the Federal government for its intervention in the saddening event which occurred in the area.

He applauded Mr President for not delaying to respond to Governor Umahi in tackling the new development, posing threats on the security of the state, by sending his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo to visit the scenes of the ugly incident with his assurance of fishing out the perpetrators to face the wrath of law and to deploying more securitymen to the state.

"I am particularly grateful not because we are celebrating Easter, but it calls for sober reflection of what is happening in Nigeria and Ebonyi  State in particular.

 "I want to thank his Excellency the President, for having known the problem the Governor reported and decided to tackle it with all emergencies.

"The information on Herdsmen attack was last week Monday and before the end of the week, Mr President sent his Vice to intervene.

"He came, he saw and he assured us of bringing more security to Ebonyi so that insecurity in this state will be a thing of the past," Nwovu commended.

He further extolled the leadership of Governor David Umahi, saying he meant well for the state especially in fighting insecurity, empowerment of youths and infrastructural development.

The Umahi's Aide however, called for prayer, sober reflection and retreat to ensure permanent peace returns in all parts of Nigeria especially the state.

"His Excellency Governor David Nweze Umahi meant well for us, but hoodlums not only in the state but from outside Ebonyi, have joined hands together to destroy a very good work of the governor in this state. 

"The packages - the empowerment programmes of our governor is enough to take these youth together, but the evil men are trying to be out-numbered.

"It calls for prayer, sober reflection and retreat. That is why the entire people of this state should take this Easter as the time of prayer to ask God to forgive us any way we've erred and give the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi the enabling environment to govern this state," he appealed.

Nwovu, who is also the National President of Izzi Youth Forum warned young persons to shun cultism and other criminal activities as these according to him have contributed to social disorder and insecurity wrecking havoc in different parts of the country.

He backed Governor Umahi's call during VP Osinbajo's visit on last Sunday for creation of state police in the country following the rising cases of communal clashes going on in some communities in the state.

"Even before now, the Federal government has introduced community police. The policy was like being trucated somewhere, but now the Federal government should come up with that, because in most cases, in the village you know the people that are the bad ones in your village.

"Such people can be easily fetched by the people who know them more than the foreigners.

"I do believe that with the introduction of the state police it will go a long way to reducing crime, because anybody that commits it within the village, they will know the person and the place where he or she is living."

He added: "Because we have put all these machineries like neighborhood watch, forest guards, vigilantes in place, I believe from now onwards, anybody that attempts on bringing insecurity in the state with hoodlums will not go scout free. It is because all the vigilantes have been inaugurated in all the Local Government Areas of the state.

"We took mega rally against any kind of security threats at the borders and it is better we work for the progress of this state than scattering it.

"When the state is scattered, the government will use the money to empower youth, building infrastructures for settlement of the affected victims and their communities.

"I do believe that because of these machineries like neighborhood watch, forest guards and vigilantes put in place, the state is now at
 the safer hands."

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