Why Ebonyi Resonance in dagger draw with Achi Emmanuel over rejoinder


Ebonyi Resonance has blasted one Mr Acha Emmanuel over his response - a rejoinder not welcomed by the members of the group.

The group in a statement endorsed by its National Chairman, Evangelist Justus Nkamah, National Chairman and the Secretary, Mr. Bethran Ojukwu, National Secretary described Mr Acha Emmanuel as an impostor.

The statement hinted that Acha Emmanuel has an inordinate quest to impress his paymasters, describing his response claimed to be rejoinder to Ebonyi Resonance as a junk 

Parts of the statement read: "Our attention has been drawn to the junk circulating on the social media in form of rejoinder which was credited to one Acha Emmanuel, a self-acclaimed Human Rights Activist, against our press statement dated Feb. 26, 2021, with the title: "Ebonyi Resonance condemns weak intervention of Ebonyi State Government in Ezza-Effium and Effium Communal crisis".

"Indeed, Ebonyi Resonance wouldn't have dignified the pseudo Acha Emmanuel with this response, but for the purposes of not allowing this disgruntled element to misinform the unsuspecting public, we wish to state as follows:

"The impostor claimed that our name "Ebonyi Resonance" means literally nothing and should have been "Ebonyi Renaissance". What a public display of ignorance?  In Acha Emmanuel, we have come to terms with the saying that "half education is a disease". We therefore, wish to advise him to either go back to school, if at all, he ever attended any school, or desist from washing his dirty linen in the public.

"In his futile attempt to misinform the public, the pseudo Acha Emmanuel who was hired to do a hatchet job of twisting  facts on the ongoing Ezza-Effium and Effium crisis by the sponsors of the carnage claimed in his  baseless and unedited rejoinder that one Tiben Benz Nwali, the Publisher of Leaders Prime Newspaper, was the one hiding under the name "Ebonyi Resonance" to settle the scores he probably had with Governor David Umahi. This is, to say the least how not to misinform the public. We wish to sympathize with Emmanuel Acha for accepting a crumb from his paymasters for a hatchet job he knows that he does not have the capacity to do. 

"This one-man-show and efforts in futilities by Mr. Acha in his sense of delusion of thought that he has found a new job, but alas, this new found job has unfortunately brought frustration and confusion to him. We however, challenge him to come out of his hiding shells with his true identity if he wants to know about Ebonyi Resonance and its existence, rather than making unfounded allegations against innocent people.

"The self-acclaimed Human Rights Activist's jaundiced claim that we failed to proffer any meaningful solution towards resolving the crisis in our press statement shows that the peanut he collected from his paymasters has either  finished without fetching him any good meal or that they have stopped his pay for failing to achieve results. This emergency jeopardy which he found himself has no dout, beclouded his sense of reasoning and further underscores his level of understanding and ignorance. 

"It is a public knowledge that in our press statement, we urged the State Governor, David Umahi to match his words with actions by immediately re-arresting and prosecuting the Ohaukwu Local Government Chairman, Barr. Clement Odah and the member representing Ohaukwu North State constituency, Hon. Chinedu Awo, who are accused of being the masterminds of the crisis, as a way of calming the fraying nerves of the poor masses of Effium community whose loved ones have been killed in hundreds and property worth millions of naira destroyed in the needless crisis. 

"We also advised Governor Umahi to deploy all necessary lawful means to suspend or remove Clement Odah and Chinedu Awo from their respective political offices, having promised the entire people of Effium community to do so. We believed and still believe that if these steps are taken by the state government, it will not only serve as a deterrent to others, but assuage the angers of both Ezza-Effium and Effium people. But, because the gullible Emmanuel Acha was more interested in getting the peanut he gets from his paymasters to dish out falsehood to the unsuspecting public, he shamefully claimed that the call for the removal of Mr. Clement Odah from office was made in bad faith because according to him, the crisis started even before he (Odah) was born. This unfounded statement, no doubt is Acha's antics to apparently justify his pay before his paymasters who have now discovered his emptiness and incapability in doing the job.

"We wonder why the hungry Acha Emmanuel suddenly became a spokesman of Clement Odah who has been publicly accused by the State Governor and his own people (Effiumites) of being one of the masterminds of the ongoing crisis in Effium community. Even Odah, the person he is making futile efforts to defend is still alive and has not come out to deny these accusations. Why is Acha Emmanuel, a veiled and an unknown person, now taking panadol in another person's headache?

"The questions begging for answers from Acha Emmanuel, are:

"Was Clement Odah not born when he was using some disgruntled elements to cause crisis in a motor park in Effium community? 

"Was Clement Odah not born when he walked out of the State Governor, David Umahi, who invited him to caution him against indulging in actions that could cause crisis in Effium community, before the current crisis erupted?

"Was Clement Odah not born when he allegedly armed a killer squad who shot and killed an innocent Ezza man at Okporo forest in 2016? 

"Was Clement Odah not born when he was accused of using Ohaukwu LG fund to buy and stockpile arms and ammunitions waiting for a slightest provocation to unleash mayhem on the natives of Effium community since he became the Council chairman? 

"We still insist on our earlier stance that Clement Odah and Chinedu Awo be suspended or even removed from their offices and be re-arrested and prosecuted. This is even more expedient because Clement Odah is currently being accused of using Ohaukwu Council fund to promote the crisis by procuring arms and ammunitions as well as hiring mercenaries from different states in the country, to continue the killing of innocent natives of Effium community.

"We therefore, wish to warn Acha Emmanuel to henceforth, desist from dragging Ebonyi Resonance to his precarious life of confusion and illiteracy.

"To be forewarned is to be fore armed!"

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