NASENI tips Umahi for 2023 Presidency, says Engineers are proud of him


By Ewa Nworie

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has endorsed Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State for the President of Nigeria, come 2023.

The Vice Chairman/Chief Executive of the agency, Prof. Mohammed Haruna, disclosed this during a courtesy call to Governor Umahi at conference hall, New Government House, Ochudo City, Abakaliki.

Haruna while announcing their endorsement, noted that Governor David Umahi had made engineers proud and therefore, merited to be elected the president of the country come 2023 to replicate the good work he is doing in Ebonyi state at the national level assuring that the engineering profession would back him to emerge the next president of Nigeria if he wished to contest.

According to him, Umahi had made the job easy by defecting to the ruling Party the All Progressives Congress (APC); even as he disclosed that the Nigeria Academy of Engineering had nominated him for a special award for making them proud in the governance of Ebonyi State.

His words,“I always try to call a spade a spade. I don’t like being partisan, but today, I’m going to be a bit partisan. Your Excellency, as an agency with the mandate to promote and fast track self-reliance, technology, and knowledge manufacturing and human development. I need not consult my board and management before declaring you the best Governor so far as NASENI is concerned.

“I’m happy that I was able to be in Ebonyi State and to see things for myself. I will tell you that at the end of this presentation why you are so selected. But let me tell you also that on my way, before arriving here, I have already as a council member of the Nigeria Academy of Engineering sent some pictures and my recommendation to the president in Council and I have been mandated to nominate you for a special award for doing the engineering Profession proud in Ebonyi State.

“The national president said I should send your curriculum vitae and I have communicated this, through the State Commissioner for Agriculture, who led the team that went around.

“I assure you that the engineering profession of which you belong, your constituency, will be massively behind you. And I’m glad that you made our task easier because the platform you launched is already the ruling party.”

Haruna who made a presentation of what the Agency had achieved in recent time, noted that the agency was willing to partner Governor Umahi towards the full realization of his industrialization target in Ebonyi state.

In a remark, Governor Umahi commended NASENI, describing its activities as the beginning and end of the problems of Nigeria, adding that the agency represents the practical demonstration of what the engineering profession was all about. He advocated for massive workshop,saying,he would set up committee to work with the agency in realizing the technological industrial development of the state.

“I’m so touched and lacks words to describe what NASENI is doing, but I can say that this is the hope for our country, Nigeria.

“Sometimes, we don’t know what we need as a nation. But, honestly, after food, health, and education, this is the next thing Nigeria should look after. This is the beginning and the end of our problems. I never knew this kind of thing is in existence. That you are the answer to our problems.

“I believe strongly that we can do it, looking at the things you have produced locally. Is it the science equipment, the agriculture equipment, the solar power, so many of them.

Umahi opined that Nigeria would continue to drift backward,if it fells  to work, and discouraged the belief of some people that money should be shared, emphasising that“it is through things like these(the achievements of NASENI) that will bring other people’s money into the country,he emphasised..

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