Mass exodus to APC collapses PDP in Ebonyi - Orji

By Victor Nwegede

 Ebonyi Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Barr Orji Uche Orji says on Tuesday that it is the mass movement of Ebonyi People since the defection of Governor David Nweze Umahi to the All Progressives Congress, APC, brought about an unending woes in the PDP family in the state.

Orji in a statement issued and made available to newsmen in Abakaliki, was reacting to a press conference by the state PDP Caretaker Committee Chairman, Elder Fred Udeogu held on Monday 29th March 2021 at Salt Lake Hotels in the same Abakaliki.

The press statement read: "The attention of the Ministry of Information and State Orientation has been drawn to a text of a press conference credited to one Chief Fred Udeogu who purports to be the State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party PDP and the allegations contained therein.

"While we are not surprised at the visionlessness and emptiness of the meeting of a party that was discourtesiously held at a drinking place, we are surprised that the maker of the press extract could have the effrontery to connect the performing Governor of Ebonyi State His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE, FNATE (Akubaraoha) to the unending woes of PDP in Ebonyi State, when our dear Governor, the government and people of Ebonyi State have gloriously moved to a progressive party of national spread, the All Progressives Congress (APC). It is understandable that the mass movement of Ebonyi people to APC has caused a colossal collapse of the PDP from its very fabric, but the remnants of that party should be brave enough to face the bitter reality of the fragile condition of PDP in the state.

"We are therefore surprised that the first meeting of PDP in the state, after the state’s defection to All Progressives Congress, which should have been agenda setting after being irreparably flattened by the mass exodus of the good people of Ebonyi state, was only held to play a blame game against the APC government of the state in which issues raised thereof are impotently, baseless, and objectively diversionary. We want to use this medium to again admonish the PDP in Ebonyi State to leave the government and good people of Ebonyi State out of the party’s woes, including leadership tussle as we have no business with a troubled party.

"The plea that the Governor should facilitate the takeover of Africa’s biggest Party Secretariat by the State Chapter of PDP and the allegation that the Governor unleashed violence and politically motivated killings in the state after our massive defection to APC can best be described as the most unintelligent shenanigans of the most frustrated opposition party in the history of the state. If the present crop of leaders of PDP in the state had accused Ebonyi State government of punishing them with unprecedented transformational projects or exposing their inefficiency and failure to attract development to Ebonyi State which they did at the  pleasure of their personal aggrandizement, it would have been understandable.

"The good people of Ebonyi State cannot be deceived because we have the history and record of the involvement of each of the present leaders of PDP in the monumental violence, politically motivated killings and communal clashes that engulfed Ebonyi State like a holocaust between 2001 and 2003 for which their leaders were the protagonists, as we have the details including video clips of how they carried each other’s mock coffin as a smoke screen to hide their atrocities. We are aware of the various but halted plots of the PDP to import weaponry and machinery to unleash terror on parts of the state for the ill-motives of Mr. Fred Udeogu and his group of PDP members.

"We are not unaware that this new marriage of the formerly estranged political titans is not without violent motives, but they should be assured that our security surveillance has been networked in every part of the state to dismantle such orchestrations and forestall a re-occurrence of a show  down of angry Abuja group in the State.

"We therefore call on our dear Ebonyians to disregard and discountenance the press release of the Udeogu group of PDP, held on 29th March, 2021 as an idle and directionless cover up lamentation to curry the sympathy of the gullible and attract the attention of our focused Divine Mandate Administration to their self inflicted woes. Ebonyi state is safer, stronger, better and happier in the hands of a performer per excellence, His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE, FNATE even as we move into the Next Level of development under the All Progressives Congress (APC)."

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