First open letter to Governor Umahi in April 2021



Your Excellency,


I bring you greetings Your Excellency, from Izhi Nation.

I know you are basking in the euphoria of the glory you've brought to Ebonyi State and as well Igbo Nation. Of a truth, nobody would have turned the fortunes of the State and that of South East so rapidly as you have done in no time. So, you deserve every accolade. 

Your Excellency, each time I remember where we were before 2015 and where we are today, I feel like throwing an elaborate party for the electorates for the wonderful choice of voting you in amidst threats and intimidations  from the (then) incumbent. They were quite convinced that your mandate was a divine one and that you will do wonders. There were not wrong after all.

As much as possible, I will try to be brief in this letter considering your tight schedules. And may I appeal to you Sir, to take the message herein and possibly 'discard' the messenger. 

Your Excellency Sir, I found this time appropriate to write to you on the above subject matter, before the pressure of the general elections sets in; just in case you were thinking otherwise. So, with the timing of this letter you have quite enough time to go through it over and over again and make your decision.

Igweletsereoha l of Izhi Nnodo, when in 2015 some overzealous politicians who could be best described as gluttons and egocentric loners with an overinflated sense of self-worth; perpetrated intrigues with the state government to deny your Senatorial Zone (Ebonyi South) the governorship slot, Izhi Nnodo Ekumenyi said NO –that what belongs to a child should not be taken from him because of his rotten teeth.

As if that was not enough, the perpetrators of this intrigue thought the clan is gullible and went ahead to bring one of own (generous and respected) to stand for the election. Again, Izhi Nnodo Ekumenyi said NO – 'le Izhi ta atsodjedu iphe eruduruphe nu'. The rest of the story you know Your Excellency.

Recall Your Excellency, that the campaign team (Divine Mandate) that saw to your victories in 2015 and 2019 were chaired by our son. And since you came on board, we have unreservedly given you more than you will ever asked in terms of solidarity and support. We have sacrificed a lot to ensure the smooth running of your administration. And we are proud that all our sons and daughters in your government are very diligent, honest and resourceful; as well wonderfully assets to your administration.

Sir, if I must borrow your words, I commend you very very highly for the wonderful works you are doing in the state and in Izhi Clan in particular.
They are so too numerous to mention sir and all we can say is 'thank you, thank you and thank you again'. Those who thought you were coming to sell off Ebonyi State are now hiding their faces in shame. 

Your Excellency Sir, ahead of 2023 governorship position in the state, I appeal to you to ANOINT an Izhi man for the position. I quite understand that other Senatorial Zones are scheming for the position but, in the spirit of equity and fairness the governorship position should return to North. And since Ohaukwu LGA has taken their turn (1999–2007), it is now time for one of the trios of Abakaliki, Ebonyi and Izzi LGA to take theirs. 
Sir, you must not allow these gluttons and overzealous politicians to thwart the beautiful arrangement (zoning) that has kept the state at peace for two decades now.

One good turn they say deserves another! 
Akubaruoha, nwoke obioma, for all the supports and solidarities we have given you, for denying our illustrious son in 2015, we deserve your 'blessing' to taste the exalted seat. Pray to your God, the God of David to show you that Izhi man who will come after you to take up the good works you have started in Ebonyi. In doing this sir, I want you to look beyond party divides; do not consider political parties, rather look out for unassuming experienced and seasoned politician/administrator who can do much more wonders than you have done. 

Your Excellency, for me, APC, PDP, APGA, LP et cetera, are blindfolds. Remove them from your eyes in making important decisions (in leadership), and you will see clearer. Political party should not be a reason to deny Ebonyians good leadership. If you find the best hand in an unpopular political party, anoint the person and let the anointing make his party popular. He can still defect to a party of interest after winning.

Adu l of Adu Kingdom, may I remind you that Izhi Nnodo has well qualified and capable hands that can govern the state in the persons of:

1.Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru – the most loyal and humble State Assembly Speaker, Ebonyi State has ever produced. Your 'son'.

2. Hon Engr. Fidelis Nwankwo – Your own(Divine Mandate) Director General. A humble seasoned administrator cum engineer.

3. Rt Hon Sylvester Ogbaga – Member National Assembly for about a decade and half. Very focused, humble and youth friendly. And a seasoned administrator too.

4. Arch. Edward Nkwegu – CEO Edon Nig Ltd. A seasoned architect of international repute cum business mogul. A very cheerful man.
5. Chief Engr Elias Mbam – Chairman RMAFC, Abuja. He is an administrator of high repute and a diligent humble party man.

6. Chief Dr. Augustine Nwazunku – Project Manager EBOSACA. He is an academic guru. His wealth of experience is second to none.

7. Chief Austin Igwe Edeze – A seasoned teacher and a vibrant politicians and , so many others too numerous to mention here because of space.

Sir, I believe you know all the above named personalities and many others, more than I do. Take these names to God in prayers, cry unto him as you have always done and he will answer you.  

Our interest is for Izhi man to become the state Governor come 2023, regardless of party affiliation or kindred. It will gladden my heart if you will be bold enough to drum the truth into the ears of likely contenders from other clans or zones that "it is the turn of Ndi Izhi Nnodo" and as such they should go and wait for their own turn (like we did since 1999)

Oga eru na turn anyi O'changezie? Mbanu! Eme nwata ka emere ibe'ya, obi odiya mma.
What is good for the goose is good for the gander. 

May I wish you, Your Excellency a happy new month and wonderful Easter celebration in advance. 

With the hope my request will meet your kind attention.

Best wishes!

Clement Nwankwuda is from Igbeagu community, Izzi LGA of Ebonyi State Nigeria.

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