Effium, Ezza Effium sign peace pact following Ebonyi govt intervention

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State.

By Victor Nwegede

The Effium waring community comprising Effium and Ezza Effium speaking people in Ohaukwu Local Government Area has signed peace pact  to end the lingering communal crisis following  Ebonyi State government's intervention.

The two clans in Effium community, Monday at Exco-Chambers, Old Government House, Abakaliki signed the peace pact.

Speaking during the event, the state Governor, Chief David Nweze Umahi appreciated God and thanked the people of Effium Community for having agreed to live up to the peace pact in the area.

The governor ably represented by his Deputy, Chief Eric Kelechi Igwe expressed optimism that commitment made by the people would end the hostilities in the area, warning the stakeholders to strictly stick to their promises to ensure normalcy returned the community.

He equally said that the state government has procured and started sharing relief materials to the camps of internally displaced persons and to commence distribution to those affected by the war in their various homes when peace completely returned in the warring community.

Hear him: On behalf of Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi, we really appreciate God, and thank the people of Effium Community in Ohaukwu Local Government Area, for have agreed to live up the peace pact that they signed on last week, to maintain peace in the area.

"We believe strongly that today is Mile stone in government's effort to ensure that normalcy is restored in Effium. We are immensely grateful to the Governor, Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi, for he has done, and for mandating us not only to mediate among these two brothers but also to ensuring that everything necessary is done cushion the effects ochesterated by the war that was unnecessary. 

"Before now he has directed for the procurement of the relief materials which Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs have started sharing in some of the camps where the internally displaced persons are located. The bulk of the relief materials are still in the store. It impossible to take them to Effium for fear they might get to the wrong hands. We are waiting for the people to return to the place before we can move the bulk of it, and hand over to the stakeholders to distribute to those who are directly affected by this devastation and carnage that occurred in Effium. 

"We believe that they made this commitment today and the stakeholders will live up to it and we will not hear any hostilities in the area."

 Umahi thanked all the security Chiefs in the state for the efforts made to restore peace in Effium, advising people not to allow mere misunderstanding to lead into war as witnessed in the community and however, warned propagandists against inflammatory statements that are capable to flaming the crisis.

"We understand that occasionally that people may have misunderstanding but not to generate to the level that we witnessed in Effium. We are happy today that both parties have agreed to mend their ways and give peace a chance. Government is still engaging security agencies 24 hours in the place, to continue to guard, monitor and keeping surveillance in that area. We urge the people to cooperate with the stakeholders and ensure that peace returns fully to Effium Community.

"The propagandists, rumour mongers, peddlers, we use this opportunity to warn that they should desist from such dastardly act and making inflammatory statements that are capable of flaming the crisis again.

"We thank the Bishops, CAN especially for all the effort made in mediating between the two brothers. We know there are some Effium and Ezza speaking stakeholders who have been  making intervention privately and personally to arrest the situation, we are grateful to them. 

"We commend highly the Commissioner for internal security and border peace for his tremendous effort rendered to ensure peace returns to the community. We are grateful for all and sundry who have been out to ensure there is peace in Effium," he noted.

Earlier, the Executive Chairman of Ohaukwu LGA who spoke on behalf of his clan, Effium, pledged that his people would no longer raise arms against any Ezza Effium person.

Also, Chief Chinedu Awo from Ezza Effium extraction, being a member representing Ohaukwu North in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, promised that his people would never again raise arms against any Effum man or woman.

The duo commended the state Governor's effort and other stakeholders who had contributed in one way or the other to ensure normalcy returned to their community.


  1. Absolutely fantastic! We need peace and development in our State, not wars. Thanks to Gov. Umahi and others who facilitated the peace pact. Great for Ezza Ezekuna Worldwide.


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