Ebonyi: Two political appointees quit office for lack of competence, diligence


By Victor Nwegede

In Ebonyi State, two political appointees, one Amechi Oken and his colleague, Benjamin Obaji has been reportedly quitted their offices for lacking competence and diligence to discharge their duties since given appointment.

This was made known in a statement by the Ebonyi Governor's Technical Assistant on Media, Daphne Eteng, working in the office of the Commissioner for Information and State Orientation.

The statement read: "The attention of the Ministry of Information and State Orientation has been drawn to a  publication circulating in social media quoting the duo of Amaechi Oken and Benjamin Obaji as having resigned  their appointments as  Technical Assistants in the Divine Mandate Administration of His Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE ( Akubaraoha) and joined the People's Democratic Party, whereof the two appointees shamelessly and  disgraceful cited lack of payment of January and February,2021 salaries as their reason for joining a helpless party."

It added that 'the reason captured in their resignation thoughts depicts men of mean character lacking integrity and industry, but  blossoming in treachery and betrayal.'

For the record purpose, according to the statement, "the duo of Amaechi Oken and Benjamin Obaji have been found wanting in  diligence and competence in our monthly assessment exercise for  Technical Assistants and this non- performance continued till January 2021 when government put their  services in abeyance for being unrepentantly unproductive. The  EAs, STAs and TA are a creation of the Umahi adminstration,  aimed at raising capacities and enhancing mentorship of the future leaders of the state through engaging them in technical support programmes of Ebonyi State Government.

"The duo of Amaechi Oken and Benjamin Obaji failed woefully in passing the  monthly assessment exercise  and they were marked for probation  with effect from January,2021.This is the situation with others who claimed in social media that they resigned.
"We are suprised that the same group of non- performing TAs could turn 360 degrees to allege non -payment of salaries as the reason for their resignation when we have over one thousand TAs/STAs and EAs who are receiving their salaries. This inconsistency in character is compounded by the allegations by the duo that they defected to PDP from APC for non-payment of their salaries when they never registered in APC in the first place

"Members of the public are to disregard the claims of Amaechi Oken and Benjamin Obaji as a worthless propaganda that have no political value."

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