Ebonyi: The pride of every lover of monumental structures

 Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi.

By Ignatius Soroibe

Abakaliki is the capital of the fastest growing state in Nigeria, Ebonyi State, the pride of every lover of monumental structure, well-conceived and delivered projects, admirers of good things, those who appreciate perfect finishing, whose eyes recognize beauty and appreciate joy forever. Abakaliki has been taken to a scintillating height by one of Nigeria's best performing governors and a governor to beat Engr. DAVE UMAHI.
Retrospectively, Abakaliki  used to be  mocked  Galilee of Gentiles, with those orchestrating insults arguing against  giving them their own state, on false claims that they will kill each other.  The people they lied  love machets and if allowed to go will kill one another.

Just like Simeon and Levi who are brothers in the Scripture, they have anger in them and in their anger they slew a man. 

But, today God Almighty, the creator of heaven and earth, the all-knowing God have changed all those negative thoughts. Instead of bloodshed, what we have today is Projects! Projects!! Projects!!! 

Containers  are berthing in Abakaliki on daily basis  as most of the consignments conveyed by ships that berth in Apapa and Tincan Island ports, including Onne Port Harcourt  are meant for Ebonyi State construction sites.  The world class College of Medicine in Uburu, is one of the places where the action is. All you need do is go down there and see things for yourself.  

Williams Shakespare said in Julius Caesar that “there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at flood leads unto fortune”, 

The fortune of Ebonyi State today is in the able hands of His Excellency Engr. Umahi, who has harnessed it to the glory of God  for the benefit of man.

Abakaliki is now the rallying point for  men of goodwill because of its serene nature and conducive ambience. Indeed, wise men now seek Abakaliki as they converge there to make decisions that positively impact  the  Nigerian polity. Nigerians and foreigners including Nigeria Youth under the aegis of National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) who were here for their 65th Annual General meeting at the prestigious Christian Ecumenical Centre, Abakaliki.

At the end of the meeting and thrilled by what they saw in Ebonyi State which literally overwhelmed them just like Peter at the mountain of Transfiguration said to Jesus “let us build three tents here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah," the leaders of tomorrow decided to endorse the “Commander” of Projects in Nigeria, Governor Umahi for 2023 Presidency  because they loved, cherished as well as relished what they saw.

And there is so much to see: the Flyovers, the Tunnels, the Shopping Mall, the International Airport, the Building Materials market  solid and motorable good network of roads, satisfied and well remunerated civil servants and pensioners. According to the President of NANS, Sunday Dayo, they decided to add their voice to the ever growing voices of well-meaning Nigerians and indeed lovers of hard work.

 The students he noted agreed  in one voice to endorse Governor Umahi for Presidency come 2023. The sole reason been that they want Nigerians in general to enjoy what the people of Ebonyi State are enjoying , when he becomes the President of the Federal Republic. 

These young lads are wise for  trying to win a soul for Nigeria because tomorrow belongs to them and of course they know better. They saw unprecedented development in the state  and gave commensurate report just like Joshua and Caleb did about the Promise Land. Really National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) is  synonymous with seeking good and not evil and that is why God keeps blessing them by keeping this country Nigeria which belongs to them.

Gov Umahi in truth has re-written the story of  Abakaliki  through massive urban renewal and nobody can ever step down here and miss the spectacle that the capital city has become.   

 Interestingly, his ravenous appetite for transformation has made him to grow thick skin against criticisms.

Instead of verbally responding to criticisms, he has adopted the strategy of using  Projects! Projects!! Projects and more projects to shut up critics.

 His Excellency Governor Umahi has been able to justify the mandate given to him by the good people of Ebonyi State to govern them by showing as well as displaying efficient and effective leadership through service delivery that is resounding, with visible  completed and ongoing projects.

Of course,  Ebonyians appreciate what the governor has done and is still doing with their resources, their common wealth. They are excited by  projects that transform and puts the state at an advantage in  the comity of states. 

As it is today, it has been said in some quarters that one day Abakaliki shall host Olympic games. This is not a joke in view of the magnificent Abakaliki International Stadium and the countless number of standard and up to date infrastructures in and around Abakaliki including Tourist Sites and the Hospitality Industry. 

Abakaliki the city of tomorrow has been built today, kudos to the indefatigable governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi. Indeed, the eagle has  landed.

The Queen of Sheba who is comparable to the American President of today, Joe Biden, heard about the wisdom and sound judgement of King Solomon of Israel and decided to take a trip to Israel to see things for herself, when she got to the Kings palace, she discovered to her consternation, that the guards were dressed in fine apparel and the palace paved with gold. She shuddered and said to the King “everything I heard about you in my country was right and true."

 I do not know who has visited the Ochu-udo New Governor's Lodge Abakaliki, who would not like Queen of Sheba tell Gov Umahi what he/ she heard about Abakaliki and the entire Ebonyi State is true. Visit Ebonyi State, you will be amazed and perplexed into making a wonderful pronouncement like the voice from heaven saying twice about our Lord Jesus Christ at Baptism and at the Mountain of Transfiguration.

 Nigerians are saying in unison and with one loud voice Gov Umahi is our beloved son in whom we are well-pleased, bring him to the center, let him be our president come 2023. This is not too much to ask for, his credentials: Projects! Projects!! Projects!!! Like Job in the bible are  very simple but powerful credentials- There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.  

Meanwhile to ensure continuity and sustainability of his exemplary leadership role and to cement the new model status of Ebonyi under his watch the governor recently released a whooping sum of N3billion Naira for youth empowerment. This grant under the youth entrepreneurial scheme is to empower and equip the youth for a better tomorrow by financing their choices of trade and other developmental skills through training and skill acquisition in various fields of human endeavor, Education, Science and Technology, Agriculture and Commerce, etc. 

The objective is to train as well as build the capacity of the youths who will eventually take over power from the present governor, as it is his desire that Ebonyi youths must rule the state to sustain his wonderful “Umahi legacies."

This is what is called foresight, a peep into tomorrow, laying a solid foundation for a better, tomorrow not selfishness, not perpetuating oneself in power forever through cronies. This is the spirit of Abakaliki- doing the right thing with a better and more secure tomorrow in sight. It is the governor wish to spread the monumental projects all over the state like Dee Sam Mbakwe, PhD. did in Old Imo state comprising the present day Imo, Abia and some parts of Ebonyi State and eventually, have a brilliant scholar of Umahi Leadership College, succeed him and sustain the evergreen projects as well as continue from where he will stop.

 This is the philosophy of Governor Umahi and its fervent prayer that have put on the light and shown his people the way, a worthy apostle would step forward to keep the light shining bright.

Mr Ignatius Soroibe is our guest writer.

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