Tears flow in Ebonyi as Fr Agbo leaves church over attacks, threats to life


Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo of Catholic Church of Abakaliki Diocese.


This Wednesday morning, tears flowed liked river at the adoration centre of the Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki (HAMA), as Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo packed to leave the church following the  repeated attacks melted on him by his rivals in the community and alleged maltreatments encountered from the heads of the Catholic Church of Abakaliki Diocese.

NATIONAL PANEL gathered that Fr Agbo was attacked on Tuesday 2nd February 2021, by a suspected cultist identified as Okwudiri Onwe Idenyi of Egwudinagu Ishieke in Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State at his adoration centre.

The same Okwudiri Onwe Idenyi was reported to have inflicted sever injuries on the security man of the Catholic Priest in his attempt to ascertain why he  pulled down the rope serving a protector at the adoration gate.

The attacker was accused to have confronted the Priest at the adoration ground, pointing at his face, an eye-bulb to an eye-bulb, and further threatened to terminate his life, while inviting his gangmen on phone calls but through the intervention of the people around there, Fr. Agbo later escaped the deadly arrangement.

Fr. Agbo was said to have rushed  and made entry at Ugbo Police Divisional headquarters, Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, but according to him, none of the Police officers came to arrest his attacker (s) as promised by the DPO.

The Priest also called other Police stations for his rescue including those from Abakaliki town, who came and picked him to the state capital but in his words, the only collected money and left him, without assisting him to arrest his rival.

According to Agbo, "my fear is Okwudiri, is a member of Onwe Idenyi's family who attacked me few years ago, with feces poured on my regalia," while celebrating Sunday Mass at the former site of the HAMA adoration centre - a site given to the priest by the family of Onwe Idenyi because God miraculously used him to heal the family member, Ikechukwu Onwe when poisoned.

The Catholic Priest noted that the case was later taken to court but ruled in his favour.

NATIONAL PANEL reports the situation attracted the passionate intervention of Chief Nwokpuru Ali, one aged man from Egwudinagu Ishieke who gave Fr Agbo a valley land to develop for his prayer ministry and school.


Our correspondents also gathered that  today, the valley land has been developed, where both the adoration ground and school structures are waxing, with testimonies of healings, breakthroughs, academic excellences and liberations recorded.

But Fr Agbo said, "my enemies remain restless. They device ways to terminate my life. I have been both spiritually and physically attacked. The family of Onwe Idenyi chased me out from the land, they gave me free of charge, to use as a healing centre, and build structures for the benefit of the people especially the downtrodden, because God used me miraculously to heal their son, Ikechukwu Onwe Idenyi. 

"Though, the court ruled the case in my favour and I have left the land, still they've not stopped to attack me. Now they want to take my life.

"For Okwudiri Onwe Idenyi to start threatening to kill me is not just ordinary, calling cultists to come and terminate my life is something else. I have no problem with this boy, I have forgiven his people for attacking me, and now I don't know what led to this.

"My security man is badly wounded, he confronted me, called people to come and kill me, and to burn the school. What have I done to these people? Why must  Catholic Church of Abakaliki Diocese allowed all these to happen to me. I jremain an ordained Priest of the Catholic Church despite the challenges." 

In a swift interaction, the village Head of Egwudinagu Ishieke, Hon John Odom appealed to the Catholic Priest to not  leave his adoration centre, because of the attack and assured him of settling the matter amicably.

He said, the village vigilante members have been deployed to secure the area, and promised to notify Police about the matter, to come and secure the Priest's quarters to avoid any further attack.

Some of the students of Divine Hama Academy, Kelvin Nkwuda - the Senior Prefect, his Deputy Senior Prefect, Chidimma Nwoba, among others  decried the attacks, and disclosed that they would have gone for revenge if not their Proprietor, Fr Agbo did not allow them. 

The students also appealed to the Priest to not leave them to any other place, saying that over 50 students are under his scholarship scheme, and stressed  that,  Fr Agbo leaving them because of the attacks would spell disater on their academic race.

The students however, called the heads of the Catholic Church of Abakaliki Diocese, well meaning individuals and organisations to intervene to quell the situation to ensure the safety and rights of Fr Agbo is not tampered with, describing him as a Godsent to human society.

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