Plots to eliminate Effium indigenes in Ebonyi crisis area unfounded - Lawyer



An Ezza born lawyer and strong member of Association of Ezza Ezekuna in Diaspora  based in Enugu, Oroke James Chibuike has described as false the online trending statement credited to one faceless self-acclaimed human rights activist, Acha Emmanuel, stating that such claim that "Ezza people resident in Effium Community of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State were plotting to eliminate Effium indigenes from the face of the earth" would have come from a man drunken and intoxicated with human blood and strong wine like the faceless Acha and his devilish Effium compatriots.

In a statement endorsed by himself and made available to press men in Abakaliki, Oroke noted that having such statement come from him is a twist-turn and validation of the fact that the long plans of the Effiumites to sack Ezza people from their so-called claimed land had been slated to happen in this year 2021 before their son leaves office as chairman of Ohaukwu Local Government Area.

He noted that Ezza people are peace loving people who by historical antecedence came to salvage the Effiumites from extinction at the time when they were on the cross road of being chased out of the land by their neighbours. He added that part of the agreement traditionally entered into by the Effiumites was to cede part of the struggled land to Ezza people as compensation for their sons and daughters killed during the war and for their hard earned resources deployed to execute the then horrific intercine and secure the land for the Effiumites.

Oroke however, informed that in order to prove in truth and spirit of the cord, the Effiumites did not isolate the Ezza people and given a distinct place to occupy as compensation for the magnanimity, but in their wisdom allowed Ezza people to live among them in all parts of Effium community to enable them play the continuous role of securing them from external enemies.

The legal practitioner also maintained that such understanding and mixed living made the two clans to become inseparable both in culture, tradition, marriage and other social and cultural activities and stated in strong terms that it was rather the Effiumites that have violated all aspects of the unity pact in several occasions and at several times.

He  revealed that rather than being friendly with the Ezza people as earlier agreed, the Effiumites often use their masquerades which are ocultic in their display to decimate, wound, kill and squander the property of Ezza people, both in the secret and open markets. Oroke in the statement alleged that until the recent horrific outbreak of debacle between the Effiumites and  the Ezzas in the area, the Effiumites have used their ocultic masquerades as affront of confrontation of Ezza people in the area.

He alleged that the Effiumites had in several secret meetings usually held in their masques cult centres often situated in a near forest of their play grounds vowed to chase out Ezza people from the community, maintaining that such mission was the first amongst the assignments given to their son before he leaves office as chairman of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

He emphasized that the Effiumites jubilated in 2016 when their son was made the chairman caretaker committee of Ohaukwu Council as his presence would help them in realizing their long awaited renewal of their gods and goddesses that fed on human blood. He recalled how it was not up to one month the appointment took place, their son inaugurated killers committee with the mandate of eliminating Ezza people from the area secretly.

"The fallout of the killer committee set up by the council chairman who is an Effiumite was the killing of an Ezza man who went to ease himself beside Okporo forest. The state government is aware of this and our people did not do anything.

"Practically, cultism and cult rampaging took over Effium community with Ezza people at the receiving end. In fact, Ohaukwu Local Government ranked first in the whole south east and south south as the place where massive killing, cultism and incalsuration have taken hold of under the watch of the Effiumite.

"W are very much aware that the council boss has secret deals with the Agila people to also eliminate Ngbo people to enable him have arms and amunition which he and his people are now using to kill Ezza people in droves with the assistance of their hired mercenaries.

"It is very disheartening to read the faceless Acha pointing out the incidences of 1998, 2002, 2016 and the current 2021 carnage where he attributed the causes to Ezza people. 

This shows that he was rather paid less by his paymasters to in his myopic and infantile approaches to societal issues decimate Ezza Ezekuna people who are known for peace and progressive development wherever they exist.

"In his blindfolded mind and empty brain, the faceless Acha could not have the understanding of how an Effiumite killed an Ezza man near Okporo forest in 2016 and how the current situation in the area pointedly has dependent attributions to the Effiumites, especially the council chairman who appeared at the scene of the squabble between members of NURTW, Effium market chapter and did nothing as the chief security officer of the area.

"He rather took his Effium brothers to his house near the motor park and gingered them for actions that visitors should not be be allowed to overpower them in their own land.

"From there, chanting of war began and within few hours, our people had been killed in their thousands as no Ezza man was prepared for war.

"Our investigations revealed that before the current war, the Effiumites had fully prepared with all sorts of arms which they severally brought to the community in  coffins, disguising it to be a burial ceremony of their dead members. 

Such ceremony cannot be allowed to be attended by any other person apart from the top Effium stakeholders, including the local government chairman whose reign in Ohaukwu council remains one of the bloodiest regime in history.

"As we speak now, our people (Ezza) are being massacred and killed in thousands everyday in Effium community and they have succeeded in wiping out over 20 villages formerly occupied by Ezza people, killed almost everybody therein and raised down houses and other property.

"Night by night, the Effium people have raided Okpobashi, Igbudoke, Enyibichiri, Ibenda, Eroro, Ugoeze, Inikiri  and many other places killing over 2,000 Ezzas while over 100 of them were taken alive for the renewal of their ocultic and blood sucking gods and goddesses.

"The whole situation and the expression of the faceless Acha should be regarded as one of the baseless ironies of the time and no reasonable person should take it seriously.

They are lies from the pit of hell concocted by the faceless Acha and his paymasters to cover up the atrocities and jenocide against Ezza Ezekuna people in Effium community of Ebonyi State.

"These are the people who have openly boasted that the security people deployed to the area are working for them and you can see that despite the presence of the security people, they could still move on to attack our people living very close to the points where the security people are stationed.

"His insinuations that our people plan to change the name of Effium market to something else shows how pretty and infantile the mind of the said Acha could be. 

He should have understood that our people have all ran to Benue State where they are taking refuge and nobody is talking about market but after saving their souls from the hands of blood sucking Effiumites and their hired mercenaries.

"It should be a thing to border about that despite the efforts of Ebonyi State government to quell the matter, the Effiumites have continued in their killing of Ezza people in perfection of the quests of their blood sucking tendencies", the statement reads.

Oroke however, thanked the Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Umahi for his efforts in restoring normalcy in the area.

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