Equanimity in the face of political turmoil: The Sam Egwu paradigm


By Williams Omeji

                Senator Sam Egwu.

In a world overwhelmed by temper-rising issues, it is easy to lose one's peace and patience. A couple of things now arise almost on a daily basis to question our own very humanity and the way we now make sense of the world and its unfolding circumstances. Friends betray Friends, alliances are broken and brothers fight each other to the death.

Most painfully those by whose hands good people suffer the stiffest opposition and betrayal are those whom they have helped up in their down times. But that is life, it doesn't have to be fair. Did that genius of a writer Shakespeare not say " fair is foul and foul is fair"?  

But then retaining one's sanity and cool in the face of turmoil and unprovoked opposition is an an art that must be mastered by all especially those in leadership and those aspiring to venture into it.

His Excellency Senator Dr Sam Egwu, having demonstrated the aforementioned in the face of intense political turmoil, proves a worthy example that must be celebrated and learned from by the now and coming generations.

Senator Sam Egwu's journey through leadership has been fraught with so many challenges each of which he has handled as a man ordained by God himself to lead and as well set the paradigm for generations to come.

We know the story in his days as Governor how with equanimity, he took and survived the several vicious darts of his self acclaimed detractors proving to the world that only a peaceful state can produce healthy citizens who will contribute positively to nation building.

 I have never seen a man who faces the storm with so much innermost strength and equanimity as senator Egwu. 

The permutations in political transitions have never tainted his peace nor turned him against those to whom he should show dedication and loyalty.

Most recently we would recall the sudden wave of political change in Ebonyi where friends turned foes and sons addressed their fathers as children. Egwu suffered the height of unprovoked attacks. In his case, people took politics too far but what was his reaction? He was equanimous and ordered his loyalists to fight back with peace.

His disposition in the face of those battles is what has returned the state back on the path of peace. 

In my constant reflections, I have come to realise that a man this Honorable, deserves nothing but public admiration. He should be looked up to by citizens to learn appropriate behaviours in conflict times. His Excellency is a worthy example fit to emulate.

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