Effium/Ezza Effium Peace Movement: The intrigues

By Victor Nwegede

The peaceful movement embarked by Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi to end the communal crisis between Effium and Ezza Effium people is likely getting human face.

The Ebonyi State Government in its determination to end the crisis between two communities, Effium and Ezza Effium in Ohaukwu Local Government Area, Governor Umahi has been holding series of meetings with the stakeholders from the area.

Barr Orji Uche Orji, the Ebonyi Commissioner for Information and State Orientation made this known in a press statement.

According to the statement, both Effuim and Ezza Effium communities have a view to finding a permanent solution to the dispute which they have identified as communal, perennial and non political.

Parts of the press statement read, "aside from the  separate meetings of key stakeholders of the state  with key stakeholders from the Effium/ Ezza Effium community, government  on Tuesday, 23rd  February,2021 held a combined meeting of both parties with representatives of the state government, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Founding Fathers, Elders' Council and leaders of Ezza nation who were observers in the meeting which held at the State Ecumenical Centre Abakaliki.

"The Governor who presided over the meeting appealed to the stakeholders of Effium and Ezza Effium to do everything possible to  ensure that there is no more reprisal attack from any part of the community noting that government shall hold the stakeholders responsible if there is any further break down of law and order in that community. 

"The two sides of the dispute presented their positions on the immediate and remote causes of the crisis and their recommendations for  immediate interventions and lasting peace. 

"The Governor directed them to go into a closed door meeting by themselves with a view to having a common ground in their recommendations and which they did with the supervision of representatives of Christian Association of Nigeria.

"As part of the outcome of their meeting, the stakeholders of Effium requested the state government to  carry out land demarcation between them and Ezza Effium people as a last resort in the attainment of a lasting peace in that community, while the   stakeholders of Ezza Effium requested that they be allowed to live together with the people of Effium as they had lived before the misunderstanding that reared its ugly head. They however renewed their commitment towards stopping all forms of reprisal attacks forthwith, and were  bonded to keep the peace pending the final resolution of the matter.
"His Excellency, the Governor in his wisdom gave them a period of two weeks to consult with their people, including, the youths and women, both those within and outside the state so they can have a common ground that will enable the state government take a decision that will bring lasting peace and stronger harmony among the people of Effium and Ezza Effium.

"The Governor further set up a committee made up  of one representative from Effium and one from Ezza Effium with two CAN representatives to supervise their consultation processes, namely, Bishop   Matthew  Nkwegu as Chairman and Rev  Dr. Scamb Nwokolo as Secretary. The Committee is to bring its report within 14 days."

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