Ebonyi PDP Boss for 2023 Gov: Monarch denies endorsement

By Solomon Okemini

      Chief Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi.

The President of Izzi traditional rulers council and traditional Ruler, Nkaleke Achara autonomous community, HRH Eze Sunday Oketa on Thursday denied the endorsement of the Chairman of Ebonyi PDP, Chief Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi as the preferred governorship candidate come 2023 election in the state.
It could be recalled that Oketa had been quoted in a report to have endorsed Chief Nwebonyi, following his track records in developing Izzi clan, to which he (Okata) was among the monarchs of Izzi Nation who coronated the PDP Chairman, Nwebonyi as ‘Omeogo 1 of Isophumini community’ meaning the highest cheerful giver from the clan.

However, Eze Okata, in a press statement, he personally signed and forwarded to newsmen, said he was invited to the coronation of Nwebonyi and did not say that Nwebonyi is a preferred governorship candidate in 2023 general election.

His words: “I, HRH Eze Sunday Oketa,   President of Oha Izzi Nnodo and Traditional Ruler, Nkaleke Achara community, wish to refute or debunk the information which has went viral in the social media, accredited to me as my speech at the coronation ceremony of Chief Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi, that I, President of Oha Izzi Nnodo, has endorsed Chief Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi, the fractional chairman of PDP Ebonyi state as a candidate for gubernatorial election come 2023 as false, fabricated and should be disregarded entirely.           

“I was duly invited as a friend to the occasion and I never represented in the occasion as the President of Oha Izzi Nnodo or addressed myself during my speech at the occasion as chairman of Izzi Traditional Rulers council. My words of blessings poured on the celebrant, misquoted by the press were made in my capacity as Traditional Ruler.               

“On this premise, I wish to make it categorically clear, that, knowing my position as the President of Oha Izzi Nnodo, I have not endorsed and will never endorse any particular candidate whatsoever for any political position because Oha Izzi Nnodo which I lead is apolitical in all ramification. 
“I therefore refute the said publications. The publication  should please be extracted. I advise the press to be more objective in their reporting. Signed,  HRH Eze Sunday Oketa, President Oha Izzi Nnodo."

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