2023: The caring quality of Elias Mbam and Ebonyi State politics


 Chief Elias Mbam, Chairman Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC.

One of the biggest reasons being caring remains so important is that it gives us the ability to help others and understand when others are in need.

Caring as an integral factor in quality leadership, Mikel Chukwu in this analysis projects the Chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Chief Elias Mbam as a leading example in Ebonyi politics as the 2023, the next electioneering year in the country is gradually getting close.

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Quality leadership and effective representation cannot be achieved where the leaders have not caring mindsets. Caring is an act of showing kindness and concern for others. It is the work or practice of looking after those that are unable to care for themselves. A caring individual is softhearted, thoughtful, responsible, human, considerate, charitable, good-natured, receptive, benevolent, sympathetic, attentive, gentle and has understanding. When a leader has the load of the aforementioned concepts or attributes, it means that the led will rejoice, the case study of Chief Elias Mbam.

Being caring can come in many different forms, it can be displaying of kindness towards others, sharing with or giving out what belongs to others to them, It can be an act of being polite. A caring person is always appreciative, being sensitive to others' feelings, knowing what the people need at a particular time, showing compassion to those who are less fortunate, and forgiving someone who has done him wrong also determines a caring leader.

One of the biggest reasons being caring remains so important is that it gives us the ability to help others and understand when others are in need. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity or showing empathy towards a friend who is going through a tough time, being caring allows us to make a positive difference in another person’s life. 

The above itemized attributes are the character traits of the Chairman, Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission(RMAFC), Engr Chief Elias Mbam.

 Chief Mbam sees caring as one of the action and practice based leadership qualities. He is thoughtful of others even to the detriment of his personal comfort. It is in this spirit and in consonance with this rare gesture that  he has distinguished himself as an iconic chieftain. 

Chief Mbam has distinctively exhibited uniqueness in quality leadership. His philanthropic and caring temperament has seen bridges, culverts and roads built, rehabilitated and constructed. Chief Mbam is a quintessential commander whose softheartedness has given rural electrification to some parts of Izzi Local Government Area. It was through him that access to good water in his area became possible. 

Mbam is a man that everyone should identify with, for greater and better Ebonyi State come 2023. He has a caring heart. He will work and share jobs with caring, lightheartedness, and love. The engineer will create abundance and joy for every Ebonyi man. He will be responsible and fair to Ndi Ebonyi. There will be no trace of arrogance to his government. It will be all inclusive, with the proportionate and adequate pay to the deserved people. Our rural areas will be electrified. Foreign and local scholarships to students will be revived. 

There must be real, people's oriented and life transforming projects. All the sectors will be lively. There must be workable administrative systems. Civil servants will be treated according to civil service rule. He will not embark on white elephant projects but rather prioritize human capital development.

With Mbam, Ebonyi will be greater and better!

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