Speaker Nwifuru offsets school fees of students in tertiary institutions



Starting from the year 2015 till date, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru took a Divine role to help in the formation of a brilliant society of reputable youths in Ebonyi State and by extension, Nigeria, NATIONAL PANEL reports. 

According to the release by the Speaker's Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Leo Ekene Oketa, through his consistent scholarship scheme, Chief Nwifuru has continued to pay school fees for various students from Ebonyi State, across different universities in the country. 

In doing this, he not only gives soft landing to students from less privileged homes, but also provides a comfortable platform for creating a brighter future for our society.

As an excellent leader, he employs his dexterity, intelligence, goodwill and leadership skills to create events that shape not only the present but a good part of the future as well. In such dealings, Rt. Hon. Nwifuru is always driven by his personal experiences of the past and an eye for a greater future; interestingly not for himself, but for the generations after him. Again, he displays such unique tenets of a true leader, in foreseeing what others do not see, predicting the challenges ahead and prepares his people to face them head-on. 

In attempting to secure that future for our youths in this difficult time, the Honourable Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, today, handed school fees of over 70 Ebonyi students from various Local Government Areas of the State to them, for the 2020/2021 academic year, through a charity and not-for-profit organisation - Onwa Oferekpe Foundation. 

It is one of his modest ways of planning a brighter tomorrow for Ebonyi students, while God does the rest. In giving out these funds, Mr Speaker noted that they’re meant for the indigent students.

“This is meant for the less privilege, indigent ones and those that God wants us to help, exactly what the foundation did. I didn't screen them myself, the committee led by my Personal Assistant - Nwodom Okechukwu, the others and the foundation Chairman did, and so I do not know some of them, neither do I know where they come from. 

“Let me use this opportunity to thank the board members of the foundation. What is interesting is that each and everyone of them gets their fees uniquely, some N120,000.00, some N130,000.00, N124,000.00, N100,000.00 and about two of them in College of Education who got N50,000.00 each. I am very much happy doing this each time because I am propelled by what I passed through during my days in school, and I know students encounter lots of temptations to pay their fees, especially the ‘not-well-to-do’ ones. They enter the University praying for God’s assistance, and I believe God has heard their plea.” - Speaker Nwifuru said.

Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru continued, in noting, that his scholarship scheme isn't meant for students from his constituency (Izzi West) alone, but across various Local Government Areas in the State, as witnessed today. As such, he called on other stakeholders to remember that it is their responsibility to take care of the people who voted for them.

“One thing that is certain is that all of us (stakeholders) should know that we have a responsibility of taking care of our people. They elected us not because it is our right but we’re privileged to be here, and not because we’re more intelligent than others, but because of the Grace of the Almighty and the benevolence of God that we’re in these positions. So I implore other stakeholders to emulate this, so we can help lessen the number of school dropouts to reduce the nuisance in our society and secure our homes and future.”

Speaking in joyful appreciation, on behalf of other beneficiaries, a 500 level student of Medicine and Surgery of Ebonyi State University - Oriji Jerome, thanked Mr. Speaker and urged other beneficiaries to go and share the good news to the world. 

“Mr Speaker, Since 2014 that I gained admission into the University, you’ve been paying for my school fees. I'm happy and all of us are happy. We thank you so much. We are asking you to keep keeping on, promising you that today we’re beneficiaries and tomorrow, we’ll be benefactors. Onwa Oferekpe foundation will never fall, and we’ll support it to be better. We stand with you, youths and all students, to go and proclaim the good news, we thank you so much Sir.”

Nwogbaga Lucy Nnenna (Political Science, 100 level, EBSU) equally appreciated Speaker Nwifuru and pledged to make him proud. 

“We want to appreciate you, for the scholarship, we'll make you very proud and emerge with flying colours, first-class all round. Where ever you step in your feet, we’ll be with you.”

In wrapping up the appreciation, the Leader of Ebonyi State House of Assembly - Hon. Victor Uzoma Chukwu, praised the Divine Grace at work through Mr. Speaker and urged the beneficiaries to remain focused and always remember themselves. 

“Mr. Speaker has this as a natural gift. Having obeyed what God has called him for, I can only remind our brothers and sisters who are the beneficiaries of this great benevolence to please remember themselves, in terms of the great quality time they spend and to avoid social vices in school. 

The Leader continued, “…having gotten these benefits, I urge us to remember ourselves. Today you’re being assisted to go to school, be it known to you that in Ebonyi State, every clan has a student who does not have money to go to back school. Mr Speaker’s large heart has made this possible for you, please endeavour to help yourselves.”

The vision of Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is to develop all and sundry, as much as his hands can carry. His visions are excellent in form, essence and have some brilliant plans for implementation. Today’s activity was just a tip of the iceberg and rest assured that more will come, through Onwa Oferekpe Foundation, with Hon. Kenneth Nwovu sitting impressively as Chairman. 

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