PDP faction can't drag Umahi’s name in mud - APC Publicity secretary


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi has said that it would not allow the factional Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi, to drag Governor David Umahi’s name in the mud.

The party made the declaration in a statement signed by its state Caretaker Publicity Secretary, Simbad Ogbuatu over the series of lamentations and complaints by the PDP faction in the state.

Ogbuatu said that firstly, the governor’s defection from the PDP to the APC was a personal but legitimate decision as the faction is unhappy because the governor outsmarted and joined the party before them.

“It is ridiculous for the Udogu-led faction to think that the leader of the other faction, Chief Onyekachi Nwebonyi, who is a lawyer should not approach the court to redress the injustice meted to him by the PDP national leadership.

“The Udogu faction has therefore developed cold feet and has resorted to blaming the governor who is busy transforming the state infrastructuraly; for their ordeals.

The statement noted that Udogu should be informed that it is even his faction that is benefiting from the prolonging of the case between it and the Nwebonyi faction at the state’s high court as its lawyer, Mudi Ehrenede is amassing fortunes from the protracted nature of the case.

“Ehrenede knows that the more the case lingers, the more his bank account brims with money hence his delay tactics by filing applications which eventually causes the recuse of judges handling the case.

“It is also the height of irresponsibility for Udeogu to accuse Umahi of hiring a mob to burn the state high court complex as the alleged mob was actually hired by Udogu to divert attention from his losses.

“The recent interlocutory injunction by an Abuja high court which the Udogu faction gloats over, simply implies that the PDP has no authentic leadership in the state and this is neither the business of Umahi nor the AP because we are more concerned in mobilizing the grassroot to register in our nationwide registration exercise.

“It is also laughable and contradictory that the PDP stakeholders said that Umahi left the PDP because he had lost grip of the party and turn and say that he is holding the PDP in the state, to ransome.

“This means by implication that the governor is powerful though he rather and contrary to their estimations, channel such strength in empowering the citizens, transforming the state infrastructuraly and making the state conducive for its citizens.

The statement noted with emphasis that Umahi would not fold his arms and watch the Udeogu faction foment trouble in the state and should be commended alongside security agencies for their proactive disposition in forestalling all destructive antics of the opposition.

“The governor desires a strong and competitive opposition n the state and cannot at the same time, try to emasculate the remnants of the PDP or any other opposition party in the state whatsoever.

“We therefore call on the Udogu faction to stop this psychological-siege mentality and focus its famished energy on its ailing party as no amount of lamentation, propaganda among others, can distract the governor and the APC in the state. ENDS.

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