Fix security, power problems to make headway in Nigeria, Nwobo tells Buhari


By Victor Nwegede

The Commissioner for Special Project in Ebonyi State, Barr. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Nwobo has urged President Muhammadu Buhari's led administration to do all human possible to fix security and power problems in order to make headway in Nigeria.

Nwobo made the appeal on New Year Day at his country home, Ekka Onueke, Ezza North LGA in  Ebonyi State.

He was speaking on the heels of the continuous rise of inscurities including banditry, insurgency, cultism, problems of power and their negative effects on the citizens.

He said: "Nigeria needs two things prominently, security and power.  As far as, we can't fix the problems of security and power, Nigeria would make no headway. I plead Federal government to kindly fix security and power for us to belong again the comity of the nation." 

He described cultism as the bane on Nigeria's growth and however, urged youths to be committed with the creative ventures and genuine businesses by shunning cultism and any other criminal activities since in his words, their destinies are in their own hands.

"I am also calling the youths in all over Nigeria, to understand that our destinies are in our own hands and we cannot destroy ourselves by engaging in criminal activities. Cultism is a bane on the growth of Nigeria, and our people. Cultism is nurtured and sponsored by the bigmen of the society.

"I advise everyman who is a stakeholder or in a position of authority to rise against cultism. Those children who are joining cultism don't know what they are doing. They got there by mistake and are tracked. Being a cultist doesn't mean that you are a strong man. Killing your neighabour doesn't mean you are strong man.

"I am of the opinion that every stakeholder should sit up. Let's stop this blood shed. Cultism is not armed robbery. It's a crime against oneself. A crime against your parents. A crime against your siblings. A crime against your village. Let every man who knows everything about this menace called cultism, end it in 2021. It's a year to end cultism. It's the year for our President to sit up and end criminality, as a Commander-Chief, he has every weapon and machinery in his hands to stop these menaces known as banditry, insurgency and cultism.

"The state has no control of arms, weapon, gallantry, soldier, we cannot be held hostage by bandits. It's a time, I urge the Federal government to kindly revisit its architecture, reorganize the security architecture, restrategize the security architecture, to make Nigerians feel safe," he pleaded.

The Commissioner pleaded with Ebonyians to continue to support the state government as he described Governor David Umahi as a monumental leader of the state.

"I also plead with Ebonyians to kindly understand Governor David Nweze Umahi. His era is not the era we can forget in hurry. His era is like the time of Michael Okpara, Jim Nwobodo, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe in the country. The era of reinnovative, creative and infrastructural development. The era we begin to think we are people. The era to prepare for tomorrow. 
"I plead Ebonyians to understand the mission of Governor David Nweze Umahi, if there is anybody he has done wrong, let that person forgive him. This man is on mission. God knows that we have passed through hell in the hands of our colonial masters and send a leader possessed with a godly mind to save humanity. 

He however, urged all and sundry especially the politicians to stop the stampede against 2023, saying that  "whoever will lead Nigeria or Ebonyi State as President or Governor is in the hands of God. 

"Whichever party, group you belong, whoever will take over the Presidency in 2023 is in the hands of God and no man can stop it. Let us stop killing ourselves and those who think that our governor had made mistake by entering a new political party, should  rethink that our affiliation with the Northerners, that it is only way to make progress as a country because, those who do real politics are not the extremists.

He thus, expressed gratitude to God for entering year 2021 and asked everybody to be optimistic about the new year for having overcome the challenges of the year 2020.

He noted: "2020 was very challenging, we witnessed things which looked like locust, things like biological war-head, things looked like economical crush, things looked like the world is coming to an end. It was not funny. But God made us to still pass over them. I am asking everybody, to be strong and optimistic while observing all the COVID-19 protocols. The COVID-19 is real and everybody must wear his or her facemask. As of our government, I know that everything being done is to better the lots of Nigerians. By the grace of God, it is going to bear a nice fruit. My message to my people is that there is hope in 2021 and wherever we should do, let's continue to believe in God."

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